Get to Know the Board

Joe Valentine

Joe has owned the same Model A Coupe since 1960 and has driven it to Michigan, Canada, and throughout New England. Model A’s are meant to be driven and it doesn’t get any better than to drive such a  significant piece of American History! Joe lives in Newburgh, NY and with Judy his wife of 43 years, enjoys tuning, repairing, and of course, touring the back roads of the Hudson Valley.


Gary Johnson
Vice President

My first daughter arrived in July, 1975, and our first Model A, two months later.  Since then, the Model A has been a big part of our family.  Our children grew up riding in a Model ‘A’ Ford and participating in Model ‘A’ related events.  My wife Trudy and I have been members of both national clubs for over 35 years with my primary attention to MARC.  Local and National Model ‘A’ Ford events are a main part of our lives.  Chemistry and coaching high school hockey took care of the rest of my time.  Now that I’m retired, I feel privileged to play golf and work on my Model A’s.

Our 1930 Tudor was my first restoration and it was followed by our 1929 Sport Coupe.  With each vehicle my involvement has increased to the point that now I can do most of my own body and paint work.  The Briggs Town Sedan came next and now resides in AZ, where it is a daily driver.

I decided to try my skill in Fine Point Judging and did very well with a 1930 Cabriolet.  Another journey into Fine Point Judging in 2010, with a 1931, 68C, earned the coveted Henry Award.  My current project is the restoration of a 1931 Roadster.  I love searching for and finding the correct parts for each restoration.

I joined the Judging Standards Committee in 1993 and was elected to the BOD in 1994.  I have been involved with MARC at the National level ever since and am proud and honored to be elected to the BOD again this year.  I believe in promoting the fundamentals of the Model ‘A’ Restorers Club as stated in our Constitution.

The Model ‘A’ Ford hobby has enriched our lives for the last 38 years.  We have been introduced to many wonderful places and people.  And we have developed great friendships all over the United States and the world, all because of our mutual interest in the Model ‘A’.


Stuart Krueger


Jerry Braasch

Jerry is from Wisconsin, the youngest of 5 children and a father who was a mechanic who always had Model A’s in the shop. Jerry has owned several Model A’s currently owning a 1930 coupe. Jerry has enjoyed the Model A Hobby with his brother Dick for many years. He is an active member of the Nickle A Region for over 35 years hosting the Wisconsin Model A Reunion for 3 three times. He has worked on several National meets such as Green Bay in 1982 and in 2002 with he co-chaired the meet with his wife. He also co-chaired the Oshkosh Meet in 2012 so he has been very active for many years promoting our hobby in many different ways. He believes every Model A Owner should attend a National Meet at least once the experience is “Awesome”. Jerry truly believes the Model A should be enjoyed , not only by restoring it, but by driving it, thus sharing it with others.

Ken Ehrenhofer
Director of Membership
and Public Relations

Ken drove a friends Model A to his Senior Prom in 1962 and has been involved ever since. He lives in Woodstock Il, with his wife Helen and has been a member of MARC for over 50 years. He has always helped new Model A’ers into the hobby and works towards making MARC strong for the future.

Jerry Le Mere
Director of Publications
and Library


C. Rusty Gould
Director of Regions

I have been around Model A’s my entire life. My grandfather had a 1929 Model A Fire truck converted into a pickup truck. We use to ride around in that contraption when I was 8 years old with our hair flying in the wind and loving every minute. I remember liking the big buggy shiny head lights, horse collar front end and that Aoogah horn topped it off for me.

I bought my first Model A when I was 17 years old, with the money I made at McDonalds slinging fries. After high school I sold my Model A and joined the Army for three years, serving one in Vietnam. After returning home from the Army, I enrolled in college and received a criminal justice degree. I hired into General Motors and worked various positions for 34 years. During this time I bought a 1930 Model A Coupe in 1974 and did a frame off restoration. I still drive that car today, 42 years after I completed it. I also restored a 1953 Chevy Step Side Pick-up and a 1977 MG Midget. My wife Rita has a 1929 Tudor we purchased about 5 years ago, and drive it frequently on tours.

We have 8 grandchildren, but only 2 of our grandsons are very interested in Model A’s and attend most national meets with us. My wife and I have both held various positions in our local Model A Regions and both serve on our local library board. I co-hosted the Flint-Grand Blanc Membership Meet in 2016 and was the MARC Touring Class Chairman from 2014-2016 and consider it a privilege to now serve on the BOD