Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards

 The long awaited Revision 4 of the Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards has been announced.  Complete Judging Standards with illustrations and Over 500 photographs.




The Standards are a collaboration of both MARC and MAFCA and are the definitive guidelines for restoring a Model “A” Ford to factory original.

Complete Guidelines $55.00
Revision 4 only $30.00.

Old Salem Chapter Purple Heart Benefit Car Show

Thank you one and all for the great turnout at the recent Purple Heart Veteran’s Car Show in Kernersville NC.  Nineteen of our members brought Model A’s, James brought his 46 Chevy and we also had 2 guest Model As for a total of 21 A’s.  We also have 3 members joining / rejoining our club:  Clarence Lambe, Col. David Ulmer, and Jack Hauser.  John & Simone Avery and their grand daughter Madison, Dennis Hagerman, and Charles Long came also minus their cars.   The Old Salem car club who sponsored the event has released a video made of the car show.  Here is the link for the video.  Check it out.   I think you will enjoy it.

Youtube Video