1930 Pickup Cab and Narrow Box






A late 1930 Pickup cab and a narrow box (only). It is a fine-point judging project.  Mark Welch of Toledo, Ohio did the metal work. For reference, he restored Bill Edstrom’s Best of Show 400-A at the MAFCA National Meet a few years ago. Also, a Henry winner in MARC. He also started Dean’s early ’28 Phaeton before his untimely passing. Both cab & box have been down to bare metal and epoxy primed (the shade differences in the pics are due to scuffing the epoxy). The box is a Brookville but modified to original details.

$6,995 for the cab & box (only). Pick up here (Monroe, Michigan), no pun intended!

It’s a good option for those with extra parts. Can supply all other parts (some restored for show, rebuilt, new, in process, the best I’ve owned, etc.) on an as-wanted/needed basis at separate prices and only with the sale of the cab/box.

Contact: Roger Van Houten 734-289-3661 or rjvanhouten@hotmail.com

Model A Parts For Sale








 r & p frt s35






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1. Ring & Pinion – Ford NOS 3.78 ring & pinion gear set. In the picture, the orange is not rust but some type of process coating. $450 plus shipping.
2. Kelsey-Hayes adjustable spoke 19″ wheel $295
3. Axle shaft, good original $125
4. Instruction books, original: early ’30 $45, early ’31 $50.
5.  Electronic Centrifugal Advance Distributor (FSI) – New never used, 6 volt positive ground, includes hotter coil and plug wires, ( Bratton’s price is $393.85)    $320 plus shipping.
6.  Gas Tank – mid 1930 to mid 1931 for round speedometer instrument panel, $275, prefer pickup here.
7. Transmission Gears – very good used original and also MARK AUTO (USA) repros:
            Low-reverse $35, 2nd.-3rd. $45, Cluster $110, Reverse $30, Main drive $70, Main shaft $50, Plus shipping.
8.  Flywheel housing – original, NO cracks, rings like a bell, protected by light oily dirt! Repros are $350+ – $150 Plus shipping.
9.  Champion 3X sparkplugs – used but nice. Bratton’s price $41.60 ea. – $95 set of four Plus shipping.
10. Sparton horn – sandblasted & painted, sounds good, nice driver quality – $195 Plus shipping.
11. Hubley coupe – hard to find model, box deteriorated – $45 Plus shipping.

Roger Van Houten, Monroe, Michigan 734-289-3661 rjvanhouten@hotmail.com

Assorted Model A Ford Parts

Late 31 bumper cross brace $75
Speedometer gear and cap set $25
Fuel Shut off valve, early/late $25
Complete Tool Sets 10 pieces as in standards,call for your specific set, $295
Model B Horn $200

Everything is in mint condition.
Price plus shipping.

Howard Kriebel , kriebel12@verizon.net, (610) 489-1253


I would like to have a 4 door sedan that runs, and top is in good shape. I don’t want a show stopper. I would like to have one for my wife and I to enjoy. I’m old and have so many disabilities and want one that I can enjoy. Right now my pockets aren’t as deep as you rich guys.

Chuck Murphy, ctmur@ezl.com, (618) 792-8294

Original 1928/29 Model A Dealers’ Catalogue

An original copy of the 1928/29 Ford Model A Car & Model AA Truck Dealers’ Catalogue entitled “The New Ford”, consisting of 88 heavy-stock paper pages bound with 3 white-metal studs in pale buff soft endboards; size 11½ x 16 inches, containing 22 pages of b/w photos, 4 pages of color pictures, 36 pages of technical schematics, and 26 pages of text.

This copy is in extremely good condition without stains, folds, or tears, and the pages un-yellowed.

Best offer.

Dr. J.A. Houlding,  Itzenplitz@t-online.de