1929 Sports Coupe





Beautiful new red and black paint with wheat color band and black pin stripe also wheat powder coated wheels. Car is all original and has no rust. New upholstered interior and rumble seat. New wiring, new brakes, generator, starter, plus other parts. Original engine runs and drives great. Has won several Car shows and parade awards. Restoration photos available – see more pictures on page 44 in the model A restorer’s album. Has Indiana title.

Asking $22,000

Darell Keith, (812) 254-5832, daksue01@gmail.com

Roof gutters

Roof gutters for a 1929 Standard Coup

Jeff, (781) 878-4540 ext 244

Pair of Tudor Deluxe Phaetons

1930 Tudor Deluxe Phaeton
1931 Tudor Deluxe Phaeton
Frame off Restorations. Boone, North Carolina

$100,000 for both or best offer

HD, (304) 545-9511

Allstate One-Wheel Trailer





This is a one-wheel trailer that is set up for Model A Fords only. It is titled (yes titled) as a 1931 Allstate Trailer. It currently has a 1931 Michigan Trailer plate on it. The tire and bearings are one year old.
The tailgate is removable by pulling two pins from the lower corners.
LED tail lights are mounted with Model A pickup brackets.
Easily pulled by a Model A. Bumper brackets are Model A specific, but probably could be converted to other vehicles. Great for traveling or shows.
If you are nor familiar with One-Wheel trailers, they are similar to a wheel barrow. Two brackets attach to each side of the bumper. The wheel is mounted on a sprung suspension and rotates in a curve as a caster.
Located about 30 miles north of Detroit.


Ron Schell, crschell@aol.com

68C Slant Windshield Cabriolet






Would like to purchase a 1931 Slant Windshield Cabriolet in good driving condition, perhaps an older restoration.
Lombard Blue would be a plus for me. I will give your car an excellent home. Please contact me if you would like someone who would care for and enjoy your cabriolet.

Ed Daniel, danielea@nktelco.net, (419) 582-2861

SELLING HENRY “II” 1931 Model A Roadster





Ford 1931 Model A. 1,200 miles on frame-off restoration. Added 6 volt alternator, H.D. radiator (closed system-no boiling). New trunk, rebuilt engine. Marquette, Michigan

$32,500 negotiable.

Dan Smith, (906) 249-1781, dansmith125@charter.net

1931 Rolling Chassis





Motor runs, Transmission ok, clutch bad, Wheels 16” spoked, steering box rebuilt, new seal, good steering wheel-everything
is there. Massillon, Ohio.


Richard (330) 806-6339


Notice – Beware of Scammers!

  1. Do not accept any checks for more than purchase price.

  2. Do not send out any wire transfers.

  3. Buyer should pay directly for any inspections needed.

My Grandfathers Model A

I would like to find my grandfathers Model A. It was a coupe, light brown or tan with black fenders, and camel hair interior. It was sold after my grandparents passed appx 15-20 years ago .
My grandfathers name was Bigbee Anderson Good. My aunt who sold it for the estate is Leah Jane Mcgeeny . It would have come from Wichita Kansas . I believe it was sold to someone in Michigan or Minnesota
I used to spend summers at my grandparents and would work on cars with him. This one has particular value to me . It was the car my grandfather was driving when he met my grandmother.

Greg Good, (480) 861-8279, gpg12@cox.net

1930 Model A Roadster Pickup










This award winning pickup is from a prominent Model A collector. First Junior, up to Repeating Senior Grand National awards. Recently, achieving seven Preservation Awards. Magnificently restored and the best example of a rare Model A.


Tom Laferriere, tom@tomlaferriere.com, (401) 651-2295