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Clear Missouri title for 1930 Ford Touring $250.00
Mallory centrifugal advanced distributor for Model A with extra points Cap, rotor, condenser excellent condition $295.00
Alternator 12 volt neg ground 60 amp very good $100.00
Bud vase with bracket 7 ¼ inch high Vaseline color some minor internal cracks however very functional $40.00
Spring cover set $30.00
Trans forks refurbished $25.00 ea
Bud vase brackets 1 ¾ x 1 ¾ with ½ inch clipped corners, polished cast pewter excellent $75.00 pair
Bar of G-2 tin based Babbitt enough to do a complete engine $40.00
Short block engine completely rebuilt with center main oil system 40 over pistons  by Hartz Machine Shop with cleaned and milled head $2100.00
Used running long block engine $300.00
1930 frame sand blasted and POR painted, rebuilt trans and differential, radiator, 5 good wheels, good Brakes, shocks, steering column and wheel, etc, $1500.00
Model A horn, looks great and sounds great $195.00
Additional information and pictures available.

Marv, (517) 467-5125,

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1931 Coup original gas tank with gauge cluster                                                $300.00
Front and rear bumpers with brackets                                                                $150.00
Ahooga horn real good shape                                                                                $150.00
Complete set of front and rear fenders with aprons and brackets              $1500.00
Rumble seat                                                                                                               $125.00
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Mike, (313) 399-0971

Information Wanted for Model A Database

I am compiling a database of Model A Fords, based on the vehicle engine number. No hot rods please. It is based on the engine number simply because the frame number is usually not accessible.

Currently the database contains approximately 2,000 Model As. The database includes: the year of the vehicle; the engine number; the body style (i.e. 35-A or B, 40-A or B, 55-A or B, 76-A or B, 150-A or B, 190-A, 400-A, etc.); the body type (i.e. phaeton, roadster, sport coupe, tudor sedan, fordor sedan, pickup, station wagon, standard or deluxe model, etc.); the location of the spare, tire(s) (left, right, rear); the colors; and miscellaneous features (i.e. rumble seat, eyebrow fenders, 1931 indented firewall, etc.). For security reasons, the database does not include any personal information about the vehicles’ owner.

Rick Calhoun,, (757) 345-2501