Forming a new region of MARC for the 2018 National Meet


We are forming a new region for a National Meet in June of 2018 in Branson, Missouri. Need officers and volunteers willing to help to bring off what can well be one of the largest National meets in recent history.  Branson is rich in natural scenic resources as well as shows, fine restaurants and three nice nearby lakes.  We have tentatively reserved a huge hotel with near 700 rooms available and some 400+ more close by with some nice economy hotels within a mile of the host hotel. Traffic is ideal for our hobby and there are loads of amenities offering us all the things that are important for a good summer meet. 

Contact:  Dan Bixby  816-213-8437,

Let me know if you are able to serve on a board in this new region or can help with setting up this next meet.

Phaeton Third Right Side Top Socket (top iron)

I need the third right sided top socket, 28-31 standard are the same. Roadster irons are different. This is the 3rd counting  from the front. If you have a complete top iron set, I would be interested for the needed part. My 3rd right sided iron is in poor shape. (The repro sets are not available as individual sockets).

Charles,, (203)457-1554


I would like to have a 4 door sedan that runs, and top is in good shape. I don’t want a show stopper. I would like to have one for my wife and I to enjoy. I’m old and have so many disabilities and want one that I can enjoy. Right now my pockets aren’t as deep as you rich guys.

Chuck Murphy,, (618) 792-8294

For 1930-1931 Ford Roadster

Front and rear bumper brackets, out side door handles, deluxe roadster top and frame, canvas not important.

Also any Banger speed parts and 1935 Ford 16″ Kelsy Hays wheels.

Also 1940-1941 Ford big truck front sheet metal.

Bill Check, (262) 719-2049
Oconomowoc, WI 53066