Ruskin Autohouse

I would like to purchase a Ruskin Autohouse manufactured in Fargo north Dakota in the early twenties. All steel and ornate. I am told to look in the Montana/Minnesota area.
Will disassemble and move.

Jon Crane,, (248) 650-8000

Beater Tudor Wanted

Our MARC club, the Sparton Horn Region, wants any year Tudor Sedan. Rusty, crusty and needing a friend, to use as a test bed for seminars. It will have a future in serving our membership as a learning tool and eventually, as a car for new members to use on tours for a taste of what our hobby is all about. The criteria: A complete car. Not running is fine, but please, not something that is a hopeless fence row car that is in two halves. It has to be a functioning car someday, and our limited financial resources require it to still hold a candle of life. A donation would be the ultimate dream, but business is business, so if you need a couple dollars for the car, we can work with you. Something within 500 miles of lower Michigan would help. Thank you for your consideration in our quest for a club asset that will continue to give for years to come.

Greg Fish, (517) 712-7603,

1932 A Passenger Rear Fender

Looking for a ’32 A passenger side rear fender…for display purposes.

Dennis,, (928) 899-9159

Roof gutters

Roof gutters for a 1929 Standard Coup

Jeff, (781) 878-4540 ext 244

68C Slant Windshield Cabriolet






Would like to purchase a 1931 Slant Windshield Cabriolet in good driving condition, perhaps an older restoration.
Lombard Blue would be a plus for me. I will give your car an excellent home. Please contact me if you would like someone who would care for and enjoy your cabriolet.

Ed Daniel,, (419) 582-2861

Notice – Beware of Scammers!

  1. Do not accept any checks for more than purchase price.

  2. Do not send out any wire transfers.

  3. Buyer should pay directly for any inspections needed.

My Grandfathers Model A

I would like to find my grandfathers Model A. It was a coupe, light brown or tan with black fenders, and camel hair interior. It was sold after my grandparents passed appx 15-20 years ago .
My grandfathers name was Bigbee Anderson Good. My aunt who sold it for the estate is Leah Jane Mcgeeny . It would have come from Wichita Kansas . I believe it was sold to someone in Michigan or Minnesota
I used to spend summers at my grandparents and would work on cars with him. This one has particular value to me . It was the car my grandfather was driving when he met my grandmother.

Greg Good, (480) 861-8279,

“Red Head” Brand Heater Manifold

Looking for a “Red Head” brand Model A exhaust heater manifold. It would be very similar to the more common “Auto-Lite” waffle type manifold. The Red Head “waffle” sections are a little longer and the two top bolt holes for the cover are 9 inches apart. Thanks

Mark Merritt,, (804) 347-9154

Information Wanted for Model A Database

I am compiling a database of Model A Fords, based on the vehicle engine number. No hot rods please. It is based on the engine number simply because the frame number is usually not accessible.

Currently the database contains approximately 2,000 Model As. The database includes: the year of the vehicle; the engine number; the body style (i.e. 35-A or B, 40-A or B, 55-A or B, 76-A or B, 150-A or B, 190-A, 400-A, etc.); the body type (i.e. phaeton, roadster, sport coupe, tudor sedan, fordor sedan, pickup, station wagon, standard or deluxe model, etc.); the location of the spare, tire(s) (left, right, rear); the colors; and miscellaneous features (i.e. rumble seat, eyebrow fenders, 1931 indented firewall, etc.). For security reasons, the database does not include any personal information about the vehicles’ owner.

Rick Calhoun,, (757) 345-2501