New Revision 4 Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards

The Revision 4 Judging Standards will not be in effect until 2018. The long awaited Revision 4 of the Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards has been announced.  Complete Judging Standards with illustrations and Over 500 photographs.




The Standards are a collaboration of both MARC and MAFCA and are the definitive guidelines for restoring a Model “A” Ford to factory original.

Complete Guidelines $55.00
Revision 4 only $30.00.

Tour of a Lifetime!

The Model A Touring Club (MATC) is visiting Portugal and Spain, May 3 – 23, 2017.  The tour starts in Lisbon, moves up the Portuguese coast to Porto then turns inland for enjoyment of the countryside.  Next, we head to the Spanish coastal area of Bilbao, then down the base of the Pyrenees Mountains to Barcelona.  There are a few spots available, but it’s imperative to register for the tour right away, New European insurance rules require us to provide specifics about our cars by this Sept. 1st.

Contact:  Jay Burbank; 4696 Windsor Blvd.; Cambria, CA 93428; (805)927-1867, or