Updated Newsletter Judging Criteria

Some of the former requirements have been eliminated and implemented a couple others. The new judging criteria are:

  • Format and Quality
  • Calendar of Events
    Club Member Information/Articles
  • List of Officers
  • Technical Tips, Articles
  • Era Fashion Articles
  • President’s/Director’s Column
  • Drawings, etc.
  • National Club News
  • Editor’s Column
  • Classified Section
  • Photographs or Sketches
  • Minutes of Club Meetings
  • Reports of Past Events
  • Youth Outreach Activities

New Revision 4 Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards

The Revision 4 Judging Standards will not be in effect until 2018. The long awaited Revision 4 of the Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards has been announced.  Complete Judging Standards with illustrations and Over 500 photographs.




The Standards are a collaboration of both MARC and MAFCA and are the definitive guidelines for restoring a Model “A” Ford to factory original.

Complete Guidelines $55.00
Revision 4 only $30.00.