Newsletter Judging and Awards

Region Newsletter Editors are encouraged to submit your Region’s newsletter to the Director of Regions for judging. Newsletters are recognized with an award based on how they score using the 14 points listed here. The judging time frame follows the calendar year—January 1 to December 31.

  1. Format and General Appearance
    • Overall look and presentation
  2. List of officers
    • Names of the Region Officers
    • Other contact information (News Editor, Webmaster, Tour Director, etc.)
  3. President’s/Director’s column
    • Please identify the President/Director as the author
  4. Editor’s column
    • Please identify the editor as the author
  5. Minutes of club meetings
    • The meeting minutes. Treasurer’s report is optional (not required).
  6. Youth report
    • Anything aimed toward the youth reader
    • Please identify it as the Youth Report
  7. Calendar of scheduled events
  8. Reports from Past Events
  9. Technical tips
    • Articles, drawings, member ideas, etc.
    • Note the source if copyrighted
  10. Classified Section
    • Items ‘For Sale’ by members (not advertisers)
  11. Club member information
    • New members, a member’s project or restoration article, etc.
  12. Era fashion articles
    • Note the source if copyrighted
  13. National Club News
    • MARC, MAFFI, MAFCA National Meets, Mileage program participation awards, etc.
  14. Photographs

Editors should send the Newsletter directly to me— Include your Region or the Newsletter name in the file name attached to your email. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Email is always best; it saves money (if necessary, get a grand kid to help). But if that’s not possible, mail a hard copy to the MARC home office: 6721 Merriman, Garden City, MI, 48135. These will be forwarded to me.

Director of Regions, Bill Aupperle