Stuart L. Krueger – Warren, Michigan

Stuart grew up with MARC and has been affiliated with the club and Model A’s for over 35 years.

As a child he spent much of his time in the garage learning the history of the Model A, how they work, and meeting other members at a variety MARC events with his family. Stuart became a member of MARC, as well as the local Motor Cities Region, MI club in 2014.

Stuart most recently served as a judge for Fine Point Judging and was a participant in the Tour Class Judging at this year’s Sweet 16 National Meet in Toledo, OH. He has a 1929 Roadster of his own and was instrumental in the restoration of a Henry Award winning car and in the preparation and entry of an unrestored 1929 Coupe that was awarded a MARC of Originality Award of Excellence. In 2016 Stuart entered his grandfather’s 1928 Tudor in the Touring Class, which received a Tour Class Award of Excellence and the new 500 point Award Badge.

Professionally, Stuart graduated from Madonna University and holds a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. He has served as a Police Officer for the last 16 years. Stuart is also a part-time instructor at Glen Oaks Community College.

Stuart has attended multiple MARC Membership Meets and National Meets. He has built a reputation for being a firm believer that “Model A’s were built to be driven and seen”. He has driven his 1929 Roadster on multi-state trips, including a week long 2,000 mile trek through the backroads of the Tennessee Smokey Mountains.

Stuart’s goal is to help introduce the Ford Model A to future generations, spark the interest to acquire, preserve, and show these cars and bring new members into the fellowship of the MARC family.

Term: 2017-2019