Parts for Sale

My husband passed away last year and these are some of the parts that I have to sell. He was restoring a 1931 Vicki and had previously restored a 1931 Phaeton so that these items are for these models.

Air Cleaner                                                                 $35.00
Back Bumper Extension                                           $35.00
Brake Lining Rivet Set                                               $20.00
Bumper Clamps, SS                                                    $20.00/ea
Coil -1C-12 W/O Ballast Resistor                          $35.00
Cowl Bank                                                                        $70.00
Cylinder Stud Set                                                          $40.00
Distributor (Rebuildable)                                           $20.00
Door Handles, Original, No Insides                       $25.00/pr
Exhaust Manifold Heater                                           $80.00
Engine Rebuild Set                                                      $200.00
Fender, Front Left w/Well                                         $350.00
Fender Front Braces                                                       $70.00
Flywheel                                                                                 $75.00
Flywheel Housing                                                              $70.00
Front Spring                                                                        $100.00
Fan 2 Blade, Original                                                         $40.00
Fan 4 Blade, Original                                                         $20.00
Generator (used)                                                                 $40.00
Generator (Rebuilt)                                                           $175.00
Horns (3)                                                                                $100.00/ea
Horn Sparton                                                                       $120.00
Headlite Seal Beam Restored                                       $50.00/pr
Headlite Reflector, Restored                                          $95.00/PR
Headlite Original Glass                                                       $35.00/pr
Headlite Ring, Restored                                                     $25.00/pr
Muffler                                                                                        $50.00
Mirror for Roadster                                                               $35.00
Mirror, Chrome                                                                        $35.00
Mirror, Outside                                                                         $20.00
Oil Pans (2) restored                                                             $60.00/pr
Rear End, Competely Assembled   W. Axels               $270.00
Running Boards for Vicki                                                   $250.00/pr
Running Board Brackets                                                       $20.00
Step Plates, Ford                                                                       $60.00/pr
Speedometer                                                                             $100.00
Speedometer, Right                                                                $195.00
Windshield, Original Curved                                                $100.00

Barb Blanchette, PH: (734) 289-1935, Email:, Located in Michigan.