A message regarding annual membership dues:

Summer Greetings from the MARC Board of Directors

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly required most individuals and organizations to make unwanted and unpopular changes. The ever decreasing membership levels along with normal inflation have impacted the club’s financial health.  The MARC Board of Directors, after careful consideration, has decided that a modest increase of $5 in National dues is warranted.  New and renewal U.S. memberships will be $50 beginning with the 2022 calendar year.  Full details, including foreign rates, will be included in your renewal notice in the September/October issue of the Model A News.  We trust that this will not place a financial burden on any individual, but the increase will ensure the fiscal health of our club for the future.

IMPORTANT!!!  If you are a Regional newsletter editor or officer, PLEASE help us by sharing this message with all MARC members to whom you have access.  This will help the MARC Office staff greatly by reducing the number of replies needed for those who send in the wrong amount for their membership renewal.  So please, do this at your earliest convenience!

Thank you from your MARC Board of Directors.

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