Kids having fun in Morgantown

Summer fun and learning were the opportunities offered by the youth coordinator, Emily Ellway, at the MARC National 2022 in Morgantown, PA. The kids that joined in for the disassembly and reassembly, on two different days, enjoyed the chance to learn how to take wheels off a chassis, by working together and to take a few parts off a motor. The chassis was loaned by someone trying to sell it and the motor was there in the repair tent. Unfortunately, by Friday, the host group had packed up the repair tent, so there were no tools to do the reassembly. Thankfully, Emily brought out what tools she had and a gentleman (with the long white beard in the photos) opened the back of his Model A pick up and let the kids use some of his tools to work on the engine, that they had disassembled on Tuesday. He was a very nice person and helped talk the kids through what they needed to do, when guidance was needed. Emily also had silly slime in her toolbox, so the kids had a fun finish to their afternoon. Boys and girls alike were so interested in helping. Emily did an amazing job along with her boyfriend, who played hopscotch with the littler girls when they got done in the parking lot. It’s great to see so much interest in doing this and all the adults that come to watch the kids, helps support the importance of this activity, especially for the future of the Model A and other Nationals to come.

Michelle Brown
Looking Glass A’s region