Model A’s are seen in Grand Blanc, Michigan

The End of the Meet
The End of the Meet

Elvis has a good time
Elvis has a good time

Script A Committee Chairpersons
Committee Chair Persons

Flint Vehicle City
Vehicle City


Larry Wheaton's Unrestored 4 Door
Larry Wheaton’s Unrestored 4 Door


Henry Ford Mingles
Henry Ford Mingles

The Special Parking Lot
The Special Parking Lot

Beautiful Lady Beautiful Car
Beautiful Lady Beautiful Car

Frank Sinatra

Swearing in of Board Members

Script A Meet Chairpersons

Period Clothing

Elvis Comes to Grand Blanc

It’s COLD outside!

Security for the Model A’s

Henry Ford pays a visit.

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The good times were had in Grand Blanc Michigan as the Model A’s roll out of town. MARC hosted their Annual Membership Meeting and Many members had a wonderful time in Grand Blanc!