Model A News Magazine Collection 1985-1994,1997-2020

MARC Magazines for sale- Complete years from 1984-1994, missing 8 issues. Complete years from 1997 to 2020, only missing Dec 2020 issue. 195 total issues.

$100 for all plus shipping.

Kirk Ellis, Email:, PH: (919) 242-6000, NC



Model A Day Pins



Model A News magazines

1960 to 1964, 40 issues plus 9 1963 – 64 Bulletin Supplements. Also have later year sets.

$295. Plus $20 shipping.

Roger Sowersby, Email:, CA.



Model A Calendar

The Nickle A Model A Region was set to host the June National Meet in Oshkosh before the Covid 19 pandemic!


The ladies of the club put together an 18 month calendar with Model A’s, their pictures, and sassy by-lines. The calendars start in July 2020 and run 18 months.


These calendars are dated that we will not be able to sell them in 2021 when we hope to be able to host the national meet.

PLEASE consider purchasing one or more of our great calendars to help the club.

To order:

Send $18.75 for Calendar and Shipping
Cindy Ellenbecker
V.P. Nickle A Model A Club
W1993 Thede Road
New Holstein, WI 53061-9532



Notice – Beware of Scammers!

  1. Do not accept any checks for more than purchase price.

  2. Do not send out any wire transfers.

  3. Buyer should pay directly for any inspections needed.



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