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Original Stewart Warner Model A Horn and More

Original Stewart Warner Model A Horn – restored, lubricated, painted, and ready to install $175.
Model A Starter rebuilt and ready to install $175 with drive installed.
Original Sheet metal for 30-31 narrow belt rail at rear of gas tank in front of windshield and also inside dash rail both in excellent condition, $100 Ea.
Shipping not included. Dayton, OH.

Ted Kuchta, (937) 885-3868, tkuchta9500@att.net

Looking for Distributor for Model A Tires










We are a Danish company. We have sold tires for more than 20 years and have been in the spare parts business for A models for 25 years, why we know the quality requirement for A ford tires.

We are looking for a person / company in your state / area who will distribute and sell our Model A tires. We will help with marketing / stock etc. and secure a good profit

We are an European company, located in Danmark – European Classic Tyres, www.europeanclassictyres.com we have produced Model A tires and tubes in Europe for more than 5 years.

Our tires are produced up to the modern standards, like the modern tubeless radial tires, which give no flat spots, when the car is stored for winter or not used so much, if the tires are mounted with our tube.

Our tires are produced in a special black rubber compound, which give no black / browning in the white wall from the black rubber.

We do not want to compete with the cheap tires in USA, but with expensive tires in good quality, to prices there are 20 % below the expensive tires. We do have a very good package deal with our tubes and flaps.

The tyres are e-marked for the European marked, and now DOT marked for the American marked, why we now want to go into the American marked.

At the moment we more than 20 sizes in the line, but most of them for European cars, but expand to American cars tire sizes in spring 2019

Jørgen Nielsen, mail@EuropeanClassicTyres.com

Wanted Side Curtains for Pattern

1929 Roadster. I am looking for an old set of side curtains to buy or borrow as a pattern so I can make a set in white to match my top. Located in Phoenix Arizona

David Jerry, (602) 361-0356

Model A News Collection FOR SALE

I have a 40 year collection 240 books of Model A News Magazines, Years 1972 2011 and 17 of the Blue Model A News notebooks which has 2 years in each notebook and a Judging Standard Book.

$300.00 plus Shipping and handling or best offer

Jerry Burns, (859) 734-3195