1930 Roadster Pick Up

Owner: Bob Campbell
Bob’s Model A Ford Garage
Northport, MI.

It took three years to restore and complete. I took it to the Old Car Festival in Sept. 2009, and got third place in the Commercial division. I grew up three blocks from the museum, and spent many summers there with my Dad. We were always going to have a Model A together, but he didn’t live long enough. I have a small garage in northern Michigan where we restore and repair Model A’s. We have five in the garage this winter for various repairs.

1929 Huckster

Owner: David E. Curl
Norfolk, VA.

A junk heap that I was anxious to get rid of until some guy followed me home on my 1st time out wanting to buy it. The more he talked the more I figured I’d better keep it. In parades it seems to be a real crowd pleaser especially among the Seniors who remembered these things running around the neighborhoods.

1931 Sport Coupe

Owner: David E. Curl
Norfolk, VA.

Restored by Sam L. Curl 1993 – Not a bad job for an old Chevrolet Mechanic. I drove around for a couple years with the Landau Irons backwards and no one told me – even had it judged like that. Picture taken at the former Norfolk Assembly Plant.

1928 Sport Coupe

Owners: Richard and Carol Barsky
Jacksonville, FL.

Tex Freeland, a local restorer, owned it for a number of years. He sold it to another guy, who went through a divorce and cashed out in 1983. The sports coupe was displayed at the joint meet in 1986 in Wisconsin. The upholstery was done by Stan Jones of Portland, Oregon. He is no longer living, but was truly an artist and did many national winners. Steve and Judy finished the car (on the way to the meet!!!) She etched the windows in a parking lot in Minnesota someplace. The car won a MARC of Excellence and MAFCA Award of Excellence at the joint meet, as well as a car game! After that, the car has appeared in many various places–it was on display at the joint meet in Tacoma in 1994, it was used as a training tool for the car judges, The car was displayed at dealer showrooms, Henry Ford’s old assembly plant in Seattle, at banquets, car shows, etc.

2008 AACA First Junior & Senior Awards
2008 MARC/MAFCA Award of Excellence (Dallas, TX)
2009 MARC Master Restoration (Merrillville, IN)