Fashion Judging

MARC Fashion Committee Mentorship Program


The mission of this recently established program is to provide a mentor to those who are interested in Era fashion (1928 – 1931) judging by helping them learn where to find Era fashion information and how to research items of their interest. The member requesting mentor help must have a copy of the most recent “MARC Fashion Judging Standards to assist them in their research.

Fashion Committee mentors will provide direction and helpful guidance to resources, websites and books. They may not select or purchase articles specific to assembling an individual’s ensemble for national judging. The ultimate goal of a mentor is to motivate, develop and improve an individual’s ability to research, discern and closely examine aspects of Era fashion.

Individuals who would like to participate in this program should contact the Chair of the Fashion Committee who will then assign a member of the Committee to act as a mentor.



2016 Fashion Seminar at the National Meet, Perrysberg, Ohio























































Marilyn Krenger 2014