Features of the New Ford

Features of the New Ford

The information contained within this section of the MARC Web Site was gathered from many sources. The information in general reflects original Ford advertising data. It is not intended to be all-inclusive nor does it reflect all design changes. The intent is to provide some general information regarding the Features of the New Ford. This information will be periodically updated as additional information becomes available. There are several very informative books and literature that provide more detailed information available to the reader through the MARC Office or various Model A parts dealers.
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  1. Four cylinders; simplest type of automobile engine construction
  2. Simplicity of design means low cost of upkeep; there are fewer moving parts to wear out
  3. Fewer parts insure greater reliability of operation
  4. Fewer parts mean lower costs when replacements become necessary
  5. This type of automobile engine develops most power per pound of engine weight
  6. Maximum horsepower for size and weight means better performance – rapid acceleration and high top speed
  7. Compact engine facilitates uniform flow of gas to cylinders, minimizes extent of heat-losing surfaces, and thus reduces fuel costs
  8. Four cylinder engine requiring less engine space permits a shorter wheelbase without reducing body size This simplifies traffic and parking problems
  9. Short, rigid crankshaft makes for smoother running engine at high speeds

Flexible Engine Mounting

Flexible engine mounting insures smooth and quiet operation

Steel Spoke Wheels

Welded steel spoke wheels with drop center rims give great strength, low un-sprung weight and high resiliency Steel spokes are easy to clean and reduce side wind resistance – another factor of safety

Windshield Glass

Triplex shatter-proof windshield glass – standard on all Ford cars – eliminates one of most common causes of danger Glass may crack under severe impact but pieces do not fly

Gas Tank

Heavy electrically welded one piece safety gas tank permits simple gravity flow to carburetor, eliminating necessity for fuel feed devices In aviation engines, where safety is of utmost importance, this practice is universally followed Position of Ford tank protects it and makes filling convenient

Ford Chassis

The rugged stamina of the Ford chassis is due largely to the extensive use of electric welding The bell forging of the rear axel housing is welded to axle shaft tubing, making it a solid piece of steel rather than separate units riveted together The model “A” is unique for its large number of electrically welded units

Torque Tube

Heavy welded steel torque tube enclosing drive shaft not only takes torque reaction but also carries rear axel thrust to a point well forward on the chassis, allowing flexible spring leaves to function freely in cushioning road shocks This improves riding qualities and gives added safety on rough roads

Radius Rods

Radius rods reinforce torque tube and keep the rear axle in perfect alignment – an additional factor in safety of operation

Body Construction

Extensive use of steel in body construction insures strength of structure – an important safety factor, which also lessens body rattles and squeaks and minimizes body depreciation

Shock Absorbers

Houdaille hydraulic double acting shock absorbers control both upward and downward movement This equipment permits the use of more flexible springs, giving the softest and easiest riding qualities possible; also their effectiveness in controlling bouncing and swaying tendencies makes car travel safer at any speed Quickly adjustable to meet all kinds of driving conditions Standard equipment all around on all ford cars

Traverse Spring

Thin leafed traverse spring takes road shocks at outer flexible end, reducing tendency to transmit jolts to body Heavy part of spring is attached to frame, eliminating much un-sprung weight, which means easier riding qualities Ford springs have only one function – to absorb road shocks The driving thrust is taken by the torque tube

Steel Forgings

Steel forgings are used extensively for strength, safety and light weight In the Ford chassis and Tudor body there are more than 150 forgings

Brake System

Six brake system – fully enclosed – protected from dirt, grease and water, giving positive and silent operation Service brake operates internally on four wheels – hand brake operates internally on rear wheels Positive, effective braking system and low center of gravity makes higher speed possible with safety.

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