Hall of Fame Award

The MARC Hall of Fame Committee was created by the MARC Board by the request of the Model A Ford Foundation Inc (MAFFI). Its purpose is to research individuals who have contributed a substantial amount to the Model A hobby. The committee submits two names each year at the MARC Membership Meet to be voted on by the MARC Board. One name is forwarded to the MAFFI
Hall of Fame Committee in a nomination form for approval. Upon approval that person is inducted into the MAFFI Hall of Fame on Model A Day at the Model A Museum on the Gilmore Campus in Hickory Corners Michigan.

There is a massive amount of research on every candidate especially the ones that are no longer with us. Everything has to be correct, with the contribution they made to the Model A Hobby. Click here for rules for nomination and election.

Committee Members are Rusty Gould, Chairman; Joe Valentine, Jerry Lyons, Jerry LeMere, Andy Honiotes.

Past inductee’s

2015 George DeAngelis

2016 William E Hall

2017 Ken Brewer

2018 Hans Kalinka

2019 Paul Moller

2020 Robert E Anderson

2021 Stanley R. Johnson

2022 Kenneth R. Ehrenhofer