Ken Brady Award

Who was Kenneth G. Brady?

Kenneth G. Brady passed away suddenly in February 1978. Ken was an active MARC member “who gave unsparingly of his time and energy to the Model “A” Restorer’s Club” in countless ways. Just to mention a few of the ways Ken served MARC and his fellow hobbyists, he had served as a member of the MARC Board of Directors, a member of the National Office Operating Committee, president of the Motor Cities Region, co-chairman of the 1973 National Meet in Dearborn, and was chairman of numerous other regional functions.

What is the Kenneth G. Brady Award?

To memorialize Ken, a Paul Revere silver bowl mounted on a trophy stand was donated to the Model “A” Restorer’s Club. The donation was made by William Vicary, of the Motor Cities Region, in memory of Kenneth G. Brady “who gave unsparingly of his time and energy to the Model “A” Restorer’s Club.” The Kenneth G. Brady Award is presented each year to the person(s) who has given unsparingly of time and energy to the Model “A” Restorer’s Club national organization. While the Kenneth G. Brady Award is generally viewed as MARC’s version of a lifetime achievement award, consideration may also be given to a member for extraordinary service during the past year. The original Paul Revere silver bowl is maintained in the MARC office and is updated each year with the new recipient’s name, while the recipient shall be presented a replica of the original bowl to keep in honor of their service.

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Ken Brady Award Winners

1978 George De Angelis
1979 Paul Moller
1980 Jerry Wilhelm
1981 Norbert C. Hodgson
1982 Bill Strum
1983 Edward P. Francis
1984 Bob Murphy
1985 Victor Duncan
1986 Archie L. Jackson
1987 Alex Pestka
1988 Jerry Lyons
1989 Roger Kauffman
1990 William C. Vicary
1991 Donald H. Crum
1992 Hans Kalinka
1993 Don Bivens
1994 Kenneth Keeley
1995 Mickie Parr
1996 Marian Hierholzer
1997 Nicholas Markes
1998 Andy Honiotes
1999 Robert Anderson
2000 William Johnson (BJ)
2001 Howard Minners
2002 Roger de Socarras
2003 Wally and Corinne Franklin
2004 Al LePore
2005 Bertha Haueter
2006 Gary Johnson
2007 Art LeMere
2008 Mick Isbell
2009 Mary Markes
2010 Bob and Janice Barker
2011 Frank Pollack
2012 Marilyn Krenger
2013 Stan Johnson
2014 John Marshall
2015 Rob & Carolyn Mills
2016 John & Julie Kluttz
2017 Dick & Betty Fisher
2018 Ken Ehrenhofer
2019 Ron Ehrenhofer
2020 Linda Morford
2021 Mark Maron
2022 Rusty Gould