Ray Matthews Award

The Ray Matthews Award is given to the highest scoring Commercial Vehicle at our National Meet. Ray was one of the first to restore and exhibit the AA trucks. This Award, like the Henry Award is only given once for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Ray’s enthusiasm for the Model A and AA trucks was an inspiration to all of us who new him. It is our hope that this award carries on the tradition of restoring these “working” vehicles that Ray so dearly loved.

1995               Carle Garrett- Ford Mitchell, KY
1996               Donald Wenz- Toledo, OH
1997               Hans Kalinka- Chilton, WI
1998               Frank Soden- Wycombe, PA
1999               Robert Holleran- Clinton, IA
2000               Dick Alexander- Sykesville, MD
2001               Roger Kauffman- Brookville, OH
2002               Keith Ernst- Orwigsburg, PA
2003               Frank Soden- Wycombe, PA
2004               Jerry Lyons- Mokena, IL
2005               Will Cronkite- Rock Hill, SC
2006               Norman Winkler- Rushville, IN
2007               Bill Droege- German Town, NY
2008               Jim Oquin- Hockley, TX
2008               Everett Hessels- Blyth, ON Canada
2009               Harry & Juanita Hammond- Metamora, IN
2010               Wayne York- Baton Rouge, LA
2011               Karl & Jane Wehrle- LaJolla, CA
2012               Will Cronkite- Rock Hill, SC
2013               Keith Ernst- Orwigsburg, PA
2014               Phil Heffner- Philadelphia, PA
2015               Bonnie Wilson & Barbara Birt- Mount Lake Terrace, WA
2016               None
2017               None
2018               None
2019               Everett Hessels- Blythe, ON Canada
2020              None