Fashion Awards


The CLARA is a coveted award given to the Fashion Entrants who have achieved a PERFECT SCORE of 150 points. It is named for Clara Ford, the wife of Henry Ford.

 MARC CLARA Recipients

                                             Christine de Socarras         1995

Marian Hierholzer               1995

Fran Janiga                            Several years

Mary Markes                        1995

Jack Meyer                           2000

Esther Ione Norton            2001

John Meyer, Jr.                    2004

Esther Meyer                       2005

Esther Ione Norton             2005

Phyllis Pease-White            2006

Madeline Joy Shafer           2006

Esther Ione Norton             2007

Joint Meet                            2008

Jack Meyer                         2009

Jan Mahaffey                        2009

Phyllis Pease-White             2010

Esther Ione Norton              2010

Chris Aupperle                      2010

Esther Ione Norton               2013