Touring Class Judging Goulburn, Australia 2022

Touring Class Judging Goulburn 2022 


  1. Touring Class allows the judging of a Model A which has been modified to allow a level of comfort & driveability commensurate with modern traffic. The Model A being judged MUST look like a Model A.
  2. It is expected that Model A’s being judged will be well maintained in appearance and operation. This includes steering, lights, horn, brakes, tyre condition & tread depth and leaking fluids.
  3. All vehicles entered are expected to be driveable and therefore MUST do the mandatory run. Vehicles will be checked at the lunch stop.
  4. Mandatory items that Model A’s must have in order to be accepted into Touring Class judging are shown below:
1. Original Model A, B, B40 or G28 engine 5. Authentic Model A headlight buckets & lenses
2. Authentic type top/upholstery 6. Wire wheels up to 1935
3. Authentic sheet metal body – fibreglass guards acceptable 7. No body modifications e.g. chopped tops
4. Correct era paint – no metallic etc.


In order to be accepted into Touring Class, entrants must certify that their Model A meets the 7 mandatory items above. We appreciate your help with this as it will save time.

  1. Judging will be on Tuesday, 13 September, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Peden Pavilion at Headquarters – enter via Gate 6 from Braidwood Road and follow the directions. We will accept vehicles from 12.30 p.m. if you wish to come straight from the Waterworks display before lunch. It is a short walk back to the Rally HQ. Please note the following:

(i) your vehicle must be driven into the judging area.

(ii) for safety reasons the key must be left in the ignition.

(iii) seat covers must be removed or full deduction for seat upholstery will be made.

(iv) Safety items such as seat belts, indicators, extra rear view mirrors are acceptable and will not result in a loss of points.

(v) Tourer, Roadster, Convertible tops must be in the up position or full deductions will be made. Side Curtains on the passenger side must be in place and others available for inspection.

(vi) Judges may report perceived safety issues to the owner and/or the Chief Judge.


Attached are the current Touring Class Judging Standards that will be used at Goulburn. These are adapted from the MARC USA standards and it is hoped that the results they produce will be consistent and fair.

Over past years Touring Class requirements have varied. It is our hope that this recently developed Touring Class judging standard will be the basis for all future National Meets. The aim is that each owner can use the standards to improve their car & their standing at the next National Meet, while maintaining ease of driving.

Unfortunately, with the new standards, points awarded this year will not be comparable with the Murray Bridge meet. Hopefully, improvements to the standards in the future will be relatively minor, allowing year on year comparison.


All entrants in Touring Class will receive a certificate. The points shown in the standards total 500 but these will be doubled to give a maximum of 1,000 points. This allows us to then have four levels:

<700 points                     Certificate of Participation

700 – 799 points             Bronze Certificate

800 – 899 points             Silver Certificate

900 – 1,000 points           Gold Certificate


Please confirm your entry in Touring Class by completing the enclosed entry form and returning it to me by 10th August 2022. Please let me know if you have changed your mind and are not entering Touring Class.

Area 1 Engine Compartment Carburetor
Area 2 Engine Compartment Generator
Area 3 Interior & Top
Area 4 Undercarriage
Area 5 Body & Mudguards
Area 6 Brightwork
Judging Entry Form 

Kevin Churchill
Chief Judge 2022
0412 802 177
27th Model A Ford National Meet 11-17 Sept 2022 – Model A Ford Club of NSW