AA Truck SIG

The AA Truck special interest group meeting was held on Tuesday in at the National Meet.  

2017 MARC National Meet Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

More information soon. See calendar

2017 MARC Membership Meet

More to follow

Old Salem Chapter Purple Heart Benefit Car Show

Thank you one and all for the great turnout at the recent Purple Heart Veteran’s Car Show in Kernersville NC.  Nineteen of our members...

Reproduction Sewing Seminar to be featured at Perrysburg MARC Meet

The MARC Fashion Committee presented a Seminar on Reproduction Sewing Tuesday. June 28, 2016 at the Perrysburg National Meet. Learn to understand and use...

Model A’s are seen in Grand Blanc, Michigan

    The good times were had in Grand Blanc Michigan as the Model A’s roll out of town. MARC hosted their Annual Membership Meeting and Many...

Sign up NOW for the Perrysburg National Meet

Going on right now! Grand Tour tomorrow June 30th.  

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Check out all the Dates for Parts swaps and Model A Meets our Regions have planned for us to enjoy this Year….Click on Calendar!


The Model “A” Restorers Club (MARC), founded in 1952, holds as its aims the encouragement of members to acquire, restore, preserve and exhibit the Model “A” Ford. And most importantly, to enjoy the fellowship of other Model “A” Ford owners around the world.

The “M” in MARC stand for MEETS and that means you will meet some of the friendliest, most helpful people in the world in our hobby. It also stands for National Meets and Regional Meets where club members will gather and discuss the Model A and enjoy the friendship of fellow club members.

Our Spring National Membership Meet will bring you together with Model A members from all over the world. You can attend seminars and events  for the whole family.

Our Summer National Convention is always a great event to learn more about our beloved Model A’s and to enjoy the club activities with the entire family.

The “A” in MARC stands for the Aims of the club which is to Acquire, preserve, restore,exhibit and make use of the Ford Model A and all things pertaining to the Model A and to promote ideas and fellowship among MARC Members.

The “R” in MARC stands for one of our goals and that is to Restore the Model A Ford. There are many levels of attainment. One is to restore the vehicle to a level of drivability and/or touring standard. Another is to restore the Model A Ford as close to the same condition and beauty as it had when it rolled from the assembly line in 1928 to 1931.

The “C” in MARC stand for Continuous which means we have been restoring Model A’s since 1952 so we have  a long history filled with wonderful People who have left us with a  long tradition of restoring Model A’s and keeping the long standing tradition of enjoying them with fellow club members.


The Model “A” Restorers Club is comprised of local regions. There may already be a region formed in your area. If not, you as a MARC member are eligible to start one!  Become a member here!

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