About MARC

The “A” in MARC is for anyone who has an interest in the Model”A” Ford. If you do have such an interest, please consider these A’s that can contribute towards a fuller enjoyment of your hobby:


The Model “A” Restorers Club (MARC), founded in 1952, holds as its aims the encouragement of members to acquire, restore, preserve and exhibit the Model “A” Ford. And most importantly, to enjoy the fellowship of other Model “A” Ford owners around the world.


The annual Membership Meeting, held each spring, and the National Meet, held during the summer, are both fine opportunities to meet fellow members from around the world. These meetings also provide a time to photograph, study body styles, exchange ideas, ask questions, as well as buy, sell or trade parts. Here, “A’ers” also learn where quality parts can be found for the best price from members or professional suppliers.

The Model “A” Restorers Club is comprised of local regions. There may already be a region formed in your area. If not, you as a MARC member are eligible to start one. Information for the formation of a new region or your nearest region may be obtained from MARC.


Your membership in MARC introduces you to people who share a common interest. The membership of MARC has grown rapidly and has become international in scope. You will find members from all over the world. The local regions, especially, are the meeting place of many lasting friendships. One would be hard pressed to answer the question, “What do you enjoy most about your Model “A” Ford?” High on the list of answers would be, “The feeling of belonging and associating with others in a common undertaking, the restoration, preservation and enjoyment of the Model “A” Ford.”