Photos From Branson


Kid in Fashon

Kids at Banquet

Hubley Derby Winners

AA Bus

Barn Find

Hubley Derby Action

Station Wagon

Rusty and Stewart






Canadian Maritime & West Point Tour

With Lukie & Huge Smith


Lukie, Hugh, Joanne, Jim, and Whit Moore.

Welcome to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point


























Greetings –

My wife Joanne and I were having great difficulty planning our dream tour
to the Canadian Maritime States when we discovered that Hugh and Lukie
Smith were doing the same and way ahead of us.  They invited and we
accepted.  Their friend Whit Moore made the third car and what a fantastic
team we made having a fabulous time.  After we toured New Brunswick, Prince Island, and Nova Scotia, on the way home Hugh had arranged for us to tour the US Military Academy at West Point, NY.   Driving our Model A’s around
West Point with our “personal” guide was also the experience of a life time.

One picture shows the three Model A’s heading North on a beautiful Maine
country road Lukie chose for us.  The second a pix at WPMA waiting for our
escort, and, the other was taken at West Point at the auto service center as
we refueled preparing for departure.

What a time and what a fantastic trip Lukie planned and navigated for us.

Jim Gregory



Proposed Changes to MARC Constitution

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Putting Out Fires in Branson

Ken Ehrenhofer’s Fire Truck

From Frank

Enjoy the Model A any way you choose.

A Good Time Was Had By All at The Granville Membership Meet

















Ron’s Beautiful 1930 Tudor

Military retiree in Italy at Vicenza, Italy.



Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards

 The long awaited Revision 4 of the Model “A” Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards has been announced.  Complete Judging Standards with illustrations and Over 500 photographs.




The Standards are a collaboration of both MARC and MAFCA and are the definitive guidelines for restoring a Model “A” Ford to factory original.

Complete Guidelines $55.00
Revision 4 only $30.00.

Photos from Perrysburg

These photos were taken with a 1928 camera.

img002 img003 img004 img005 img006 img007


Fashions at Perrysburg

IMG_20160701_180535141 Crop