Not a generic, flimsy kit or strange backyard attempt but professionally designed and built. Rebuilt 1931 motor, 1932 B high compression head, “Trojan” period correct dual carb manifold, rebuilt transmission, high speed rear, lightened flywheel, chassis, wheels, tires, Fat Man wheel and 3 hides for interior. All mechanics are done. Steel body in primer making it an easy finish.


(914) 400-7061 NY Weekday mornings only, 301047652b@gmail.com

Ford Model A Heads








I have two used Ford Model A heads available. No cracks or warping. Good condition.

$50 each plus UPS shipping cost to your door. I will package N/C.

John (317)846-4605

1931 Model A Tudor






Diamond “B” Block. (Big bearings, full flow oil).  Leakless Water Pump, new top, new upholstery, seat belts.  Brakes, front end, gas gauge overhauled. Original paint (And dents). I grew up with A’s in upstate New York and have appreciated the advantages of the vintage B block marriage with the otherwise stock Model A.


Derek Van Loan, Mill Valley, CA, (415) 388-0743, dervanloan@yahoo.com

1930 Model A Std. Coupe








Frame off restoration done according to judging standards. Standard coupe with rumble seat and cowl lights, 1400 miles on car. Corpa/Chicle drap paint with straw stripe and wheels. Perfect fit and finish as nice underneath as top of car. AACA Senor car, MARC Touring class award of Excellence with a score of 470 at Gettysburg this year.


Mike, (910) 787-3753

Many Parts

Clear Missouri title for 1930 Ford Touring $250.00
Mallory centrifugal advanced distributor for Model A with extra points Cap, rotor, condenser excellent condition $295.00
Alternator 12 volt neg ground 60 amp very good $100.00
Bud vase with bracket 7 ¼ inch high Vaseline color some minor internal cracks however very functional $40.00
Spring cover set $30.00
Trans forks refurbished $25.00 ea
Bud vase brackets 1 ¾ x 1 ¾ with ½ inch clipped corners, polished cast pewter excellent $75.00 pair
Bar of G-2 tin based Babbitt enough to do a complete engine $40.00
Short block engine completely rebuilt with center main oil system 40 over pistons  by Hartz Machine Shop with cleaned and milled head $2100.00
Used running long block engine $300.00
1930 frame sand blasted and POR painted, rebuilt trans and differential, radiator, 5 good wheels, good Brakes, shocks, steering column and wheel, etc, $1500.00
Model A horn, looks great and sounds great $195.00
Additional information and pictures available.

Marv, (517) 467-5125, mhojnicki@comcast.net

Many Parts for Sale












1931 Coup original gas tank with gauge cluster                                                $300.00
Front and rear bumpers with brackets                                                                $150.00
Ahooga horn real good shape                                                                                $150.00
Complete set of front and rear fenders with aprons and brackets              $1500.00
Rumble seat                                                                                                               $125.00
Ask about misc parts

Mike, (313) 399-0971