Q:  What is “MARC”?


MARC is the Model “A” Restorers Club, Inc., an organization founded in 1952 whose purpose is to “…encourage its members to acquire, preserve, restore, exhibit and make use of the Ford Model “A” vehicle, model years 1928 through 1931, and all things pertaining to the Ford Model “A”, and to promote the introduction of ideas and fellowship among MARC members.” MARC consists of over 7,500 members world-wide with almost 200 Regions located all over the globe. We are the keepers of a part of American history that can never be duplicated. Our hobby represents an era of excitement, pain, economic boom and collapse, and the expectation of something better through hard work and an honest living. The Model “A” Ford found its niche in history not only because it was affordable by most, but also because it was one of the most innovative automobiles ever produced. We are the guardians of that legacy.


Q: What does MARC do?


To promote the Model “A” Ford hobby, MARC publishes a magazine (see below) and other books and documents and holds two national events each year for its members that include:

  • Seminars that help restorers complete their projects or to pass on the expertise of more experienced members to those just starting out or in search of more knowledge about the many aspects of the car;
  • A standards-based Fine Point Judging Program for those who have spent considerable time and effort in the quest for perfection in a restoration;
  • A Touring Class Judging Program designed for those who wish to drive their Model “A”s but also wish to meet a predetermined level of authenticity;
  • MARC’s Fashion judging, which provides an opportunity for members to wear and display original vintage clothing or authentic reproductions of vintage ensembles;
  • Several youth related programs including Youth Restoration, Hubley models, youth-oriented seminars, and others;
  • A MARC-supported Youth Scholarship program.

MARC is a family oriented organization and all are welcome to join!


Q: Do I have to own a Model “A” to be a member of MARC?


No. There are a number of members who do not own a Model “A, but be forewarned: When you attend a meet and strike up conversations with Model “A” owners, you may very well become a Model “A” owner soon after!


Q: How does MARC stay in touch with its members?


MARC publishes a bi-monthly magazine: The Model “A” News, which has won numerous awards for its outstanding content and its 80 page volume. This world-class magazine contains articles on fashion, restorations and restoration techniques, youth programs, technical tips and answers to questions about restorations and repairs, and just about anything else pertaining to the Model “A”, including news from Regions around the country. MARC also uses email “Blasts” to inform members of happenings that affect the club from a national standpoint. Elected Regional Directors keep Regions informed by being the liaison between the national organization and the local clubs.  And of course this website is used to keep members informed.


Q: What are the benefits to being a MARC member?


MARC members belong to the most prestigious Model “A” Ford club on the planet! MARC membership puts the member in touch with thousands of other members and affords the use of a library of material second to none. The resources available to MARC members are almost endless and MARC is constantly updating and improving its resources thanks to folks whose efforts provide the world with information about these wonderful automobiles. MARC also provides its U.S. members with liability insurance that covers them at any and all MARC-sanctioned events. This in itself is worth the price of admission because MARC members rest easy when on tours or in parades or just enjoying a picnic with other members. MARC also provides enthusiasts with connections to businesses that supply the hobby with the thousands of parts available for the rebuilding of these beautiful machines.


Q: But what if I’m not near a national meet?


Not to worry. With almost 200 local Regions around the United States and the world, there is likely a Region near you. Look on this website or call the office for a free copy of the Model “A” News and check out the list of Regions. We’re sure you’ll be amazed at the breadth of MARC’s membership.


Q: Okay, I’m in! How do I become a MARC member?


You’re already half way there! Just being on this website has brought you to the first step of becoming a MARC member. Simply click on “Join MARC” and fill in the application. That’s it – you’re in! Congratulations and welcome! We’re glad you’re here!