Wanted – 68B Door Lock Mechanism

Wanted – 68B Door Lock Mechanism

Nice driver’s door lock (open) mechanism assembly 68B.

Gary Parris, [email protected], (631) 730-6266, East Patchogue





Wanted – 1931 Model A Slant Window

A 1931 slant, in good condition. 0lder restoration ok.

Glen Wright, [email protected], (918) 285-6161, Cushing Oklahoma



Wanted – 28/29 Tudor Title

Need a 28/29 Tudor title for a rough project. Must be usable. Frame is unreadable/rotten on VIN and engine is gone.

John Deschesnes, [email protected], (570) 965-2612, NEPA PA


Wanted – Tudor Parts

Click on photo to enlarge.

Rear side window metal mounting hardware or dimensions of them.

John Deschesnes,[email protected], (570) 965-2612, NEPA, PA




Wanted – Rear Springs for 1931 Coupe

I’m looking for a set for my ’31 Coupe.

Jerry Johnson, [email protected], (361) 230-5151, Liberty, Texas



Wanted – Model A Day Patches

I need 2012 and 2019 Model A Day patches to complete my collection, if anyone has a spare I will purchase. I have a 2022 spare patch if anyone needs that year.

Gerald Grizzard, [email protected], (256) 310-6463, Oxford, Alabama



Wanted-Florida Title

I need a Model A title from Florida. Please use email.

Roger Tichenor, [email protected], Florida



1930-31 Deluxe Roadster Top Irons

I’m in search of top irons for my 1931 Model A Deluxe Roadster project.

Doug Lewis, [email protected], (217) 836-1239, New Berlin



Wanted – For 1928 Roadster Pickup

Looking for top & frame for a 1928 Model a Roadster Pickup also looking for bed wood.

Lee Rudd, [email protected], (901) 409-2233, Memphis, TN



Wanted – Help with Wood Graining

I am restoring a 1931 Slant Window Sedan and need someone to wood grain the window frames.

Joe Davis, [email protected], (650) 279-6609, Medford, OR