Wanted – KR Wilson Tool

KR Wilson babbet rear main bearing clamp.  KRW 406A

Terry, JTBoomer52@gmail.com



Wanted – 1930-31 Body

Roadster; roadster p/u or closed cab p/u; coupe or Victoria. Will consider other options. Also, two 1930-31 plain front fenders and two rear fenders with dual taillight brackets (have chassis, motor, etc)

Joe Naulty, PH: (321) 768-9500, Email: amnaulty@aol.com, Melbourne, FL



WANTED – Cabriolet Folding Irons

1930 September Cabriolet 68B Folding Irons, 1 Set.

John Krenger PH: (312) 617-2333, Email:  jkrenger@sbcglobal.net



Wanted – Tudor 1928 – 1929

Looking for 1928 or 1929 original Tudor or properly restored 1928 or 1929 Tudor.

Ben Rowan, Email: brrowan94@gmail.com, Minnesota




Wanted 1931 Coupe Parts

Rumble seat cushion(bottom), dash rail, visor, windshield frame.

Bob Angell, Email: rjangell@comcast.net, PH: (717) 359-8695, Littlestown Pennsylvania



Wanted – AA Truck hub caps

Looking for three or more flat style hub caps for a 1928 AA truck.
In good shape with all the mounting tabs no major damage or heavy pitting.
Do not need to be NOS

Steve Smith, Email: taillight@hrtc.net, PH: (317) 502-1697, Indiana



WANTED Correct Original Coil

Need 1 slant pole and 1 straight pole. NOS would be ideal or excellent used.

George Elbel,  PH:  (513) 753-0060, Email:  geoelb9@gmail.com, Cincinnati, OH



Notice – Beware of Scammers!

  1. Do not accept any checks for more than purchase price.

  2. Do not send out any wire transfers.

  3. Buyer should pay directly for any inspections needed.

Wanted- Tudor

Looking for a Tudor in good driving condition. Prefer within Tri State area but may go further.

Dale, Email: a17redwing@aol.com, PH: (269) 615-8880, SW Michigan



Wanted – used interior kit

Looking for good used interior kit for 1930 Standard 2-door sedan

John H. Lapworth, Email: antiques3237@gmail.com, PH: (609) 602-1537, Rio Grande, NJ