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Many thanks for all of the clubs who have supported the scholarship fund. We the Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund could not have done it without you.  This year we gave away seven scholarships.  All of this was possible because you cared and made the scholarship program a priority.  Now the cycle begins again.  January has been designated as “Scholarship Month.”  The Scholarship Fund is asking for your continued support and is asking each club to have “Dollars for Scholars” in January 2017 (or any month you want.) That means at your monthly meeting everyone in the club gives a dollar to the MAFYSF, then your treasurer writes a check for the amount and sends it to the MAFYSF. 

Let’s raise the bar one more notch by making January “Dollars for Scholars” month and raising dollars to educate our scholars.

Please mail checks to:
Anne Neely-Beck
P.O. Box
Jeffersonville, GA 31044



The MODEL A FORD YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND, INC. is a 501(c)(3) Educational Charitable Organization.

NOTE: Applicants  will need to print copies of all the forms (black and white copies OK) and complete them as indicated and give your teacher and the president of the Model A Club sponsoring you copies of their respective forms.

MAFYSF Scholarship Application 2017

Welcome to Jr MARC the organization working to bring the Model A Hobby to a new and younger generation. With close to 10,000 members, the Model A Restorer’s Club is a strong and vibrant collection of enthusiasts who are united by their common enjoyment of Model A Fords.  Created in 1953, MARC has a long standing tradition of providing a forum for the discussion of and immersion in the Model A hobby for people of all walks of life and interest levels.

Jr MARC works to continue that tradition by bringing the hobby to new generations to help keep the club and the hobby alive and well for another 50 years Through education programs and assistance programs we strive to get, and maintain, the interest of younger generations in one of the finest automobiles the world has ever seen

MARC Youth Coordinator – Amy Rozny    Email:

MARC Youth Advisor Patty Ann Belvin
Phone: 757-898-6745
Hello Jr MARC Youth I am a member of the Colonial Virginia Model A Ford Club in Williamsburg, VA As youth advisor, Amy and I coordinate to have a youth article in each publication of Model A News I check on the MARC Restoration Winners to see how they are coming along with their Model A Ford restorations While staying in contact with the Restoration and Scholarship Award Program Chairs, I assist in creating awareness, remind youth of award deadlines and post point-of-contacts on the web for these Model A Ford Awards I provide the web content for the youth section of the MARC web site If you have updates for the MARC Youth Section, please contact me by email or by phone

Model A Ford Scholarship Award
Jo Johnson, President
Phone: 978-807-9081

Youth Restoration Award
Charles Viosca

Weekday Business: 214-288-3656

Youth & Scholarship News
Model A Youth Restoration Award
Contact: Bob Moore
Weekday Business Phone: 626-358-2027


A Scholarship Program available to all MARC and MAFCA children and grandchildren.

The Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc. was established as a 501(c)(3) (tax exempt} organization to assist children and/or grandchildren of any MAFCA/MARC member in pursuing their undergraduate education, whether it be at a state university, college or technical school. The scholarships awarded are for up to four years. The funds come from financial contributions and various fundraising efforts from MAFCA/MARC members and chapters.

For detailed facts about the scholarship and to obtain the requirements and an application please contact: Jo Johnson by email – This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it phone 978-807-9081 or write to 375 High Head Road, Harpswell, ME 04079

We hope to hear from you soon,

Jo Johnson, President

Qs & As
Let me answer some questions you may have:

Are there any fees involved?
Absolutely not, the scholarship is free

Do the scholarship award winners pay income tax on the award money?
They do not pay income tax on the award money if the money goes directly to an accredited college or trade school

How much is the award?
The scholarship winners will get a maximum total of $4,000, payable in up to four $1,000 installments depending on the length of time of their undergraduate studies and if they maintain at least a 2.3 GPA

When and where will the Scholarship Awards be made?
The awards will be presented on even years at MAFCA and odd years at MARC National conventions. Winners who are not present will receive their award checks in the mail.

How much of the donations go to the Scholarship Winners?
100% of all of the donations go into the Scholarship Fund, and from there directly to the award winners.

What part does the sponsor, the Victoria Association play?
The Victoria Association pays all costs of maintaining the Scholarship Fund.  No donated money goes to the Victoria Association.

How is the Scholarship Funded?
The Scholarship raises money by soliciting donations from the various MARC Regions and MAFCA Chapters, by personal donations, corporate donations and fund raising efforts of the many MAFCA and MARC Regions and individual members MARC and MAFCA make generous donations to the fund

Who administers the fund?
The fund Board of Directors administers the fund operations and selects the winners

We sincerely hope that the MARC regions become familiar with the Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund program and get their youth members interested The fund is there to help the youth To carry on this program it is necessary for the MARC Regions and MAFCA Chapters to help support the fund and to keep this great youth Scholarship program going and growing