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Cutaway Chassis Photos

cutaway01This category contains a number of pictures of the Model A Chassis that was on display at the Spring 2010 Meet in Terre Haute, Indiana and at the National Meet at French Lick, Indiana. The project was built by Ed Dathe and supported by Mary Dathe.

These pictures do not do the project justice, however by viewing them you might get a sense of the work involved and the relationship of the various parts and components of the Model A Chassis.

Special thanks to Ed Dathe for building the project and placing it on display for all to enjoy.
Frank Pollack, 2009 MARC President

The following Model A Chassis pictures were taken at the Spring 2010 Meet at Terre Haute, Indiana. Pictures courtesy of Frank Pollack

cutaway02 cutaway18 cutaway03-2 cutaway04-2
cutaway05-2 cutaway06 cutaway07 cutaway08
cutaway09 cutaway10 cutaway11 cutaway12
cutaway13-2 cutaway14 cutaway15 cutaway16

The following Model A Chassis pictures were taken at the summer 2010 National Meet in French Lick, Indiana.
Pictures courtesy of Dorothy Parke

cutaway28-1 cutaway19 cutaway20 cutaway21
cutaway22 cutaway23 cutaway24 cutaway25
cutaway26 cutaway27