How Do I Submit an Article?



Classified Ads: Featured Articles and Photographs; Events for Meet Calendar; Board of Director Reports; columns from Committee Chairpersons; (Judging Standards, Touring Class, fashion, Youth, Website)

Membership and National Meet articles and Photographs; Consolidated Reports from Regional Correspondents and Artwork for display ads.

Send to MARC National Office:

Changes to Address and other information published in the Region Directory in the Model A News

Advertising requests for “Suppliers of Parts and Services” or Display Ads. Artwork can be digitally sent to Editor after National Office has OK’d the inclusion of the ads.

Send to Regional Correspondent:

Send Regional Reports to and photographs to your Regional correspondent, who consolidates them and send to the Editor. Names and addresses are listed in the Model A News. Please Email your Region’s Report and Photographs to the Regional Correspondent, if possible, so they can be emailed to the editor.

Send to Technical Director:

Technical Questions go to Ron Ehrenhofer

1914 N. Fernandez Ave.

Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004

Email: [email protected]

Home PH: 847-255-6758     Mobile: 630-681-6883

Guidelines for Submitting Photos and Articles

Please send pictures and graphics electronically if at all possible. Quality of reproduction in magazine is much better if the original articles and photographs come in as digital. This means you can send the file as an attachment to an email, or email a  link to a web hosted site for down load. If you have lots of photos you might want to consider mailing a CD or a DVD.

Do use one of the more popular digital formats. these include JPEG, PDF File, Zipped File, TIFF, GIF, and BMP.

Do not embed Photographs or other documents into a word document. Embedded items are harder to work with. copy is not editable in a JPEG or BMP format in a document and has to be recreated if there are any changes.

If you submit Photos, these will be scanned into the computer, so please do NOT write on the back of the photo with a pencil or pen. If you must write on the back of the photo, use a felt tip pen. Include captions or explanations and sequence with the graphics on a separate piece of paper.  Also, do not use staples or paper clips. All of these can leave marks on the prints, and when they are scanned in, they have to be removed and that takes extra work.

Please submit high resolution files, 300 DPI, resolution. Also send large photo size so it can be enlarged without losing quality. Lower resolution will be accepted (100 to 200 DPI) but may not be published if the image is not good quality.

Photos and graphics can be in color or Black and White. It is at the discretion of the Editor if an article and accompanying graphics are published in color or Black and White.