Touring Class Bylaws











1.         The Touring Class Committee exists to provide a venue for the judging of Ford Model “A”s belonging to those owners who drive their cars on a regular basis.

2.         It is the goal of the Committee to encourage those owners who drive their cars to have safe and well maintained, correctly restored automobiles.




The Committee shall be comprised of  MARC members in good standing.

The size of the committee is to be eight to fourteen members with the capability of expansion by a vote of the majority of the Committee.

3. Selection of new committee members:

MARC members in good standing that are interested in joining the

Committee shall submit a letter advising the Chairman of their

interest and to provide a resume of their experience. Prospective

Committee candidates must have been entered and competed in

“Touring Class Judging” at least one time, and understand and accept the Touring Class Philosophy.

The Chairman or designee shall maintain a list of past Committee members that desire reinstatement and new prospective candidates

for membership on the Committee and their supporting documentation. Any current committee member may nominate a prospective candidate, provided evidence of the candidate’s experience, and understanding and accept the Touring Class Philosophy, is available.


When a committee vacancy occurs first consideration shall be given to those members on the list as outlined in paragraph 3.b. followed by 3.c.

In the event no candidates can be located as previously outlined, then the Chairman will publish in the  Committee  Reportin the Model A News, an invitation for those interested MARC members to advise the Chairman of their interest in writing and to provide a resume of their experience.

Prospective candidates will be evaluated by the committee, this may include an interview. The Committee shall vote on the candidate(s) at a regular meeting. The Committee members are subject to the approval of the MARC National Board.

New member(s), who have not previously served on the Committee, shall be an Intern Committee Member. This Intern Committee Member must serve a one year probationary period before being considered for a Vice Chairman or Chairman position. While on probation they must attend all Membership Meet and National Meet committee meetings. During this probationary period, an Intern will have no voting rights.

Continued membership is contingent on the member attending at least one of the annual meetings held. Exceptions to this may be granted by the Chairman at his or  her discretion.



The Chairman shall be elected in the in the even-numbered years at the Membership Meet and shall take over his/her office after the Awards Banquet following the next summer National Meet. In the event a quorum (consisting of one half of the committee members) is not present at the Meet, elections may be conducted by mail or such other method as the Chairman may designate.  Both a recording secretary and a Vice-Chairman shall be appointed by the Chairman from the committee membership.

In the event of an unexpected vacancy in the chairman position, the Vice-Chairman shall be appointed and will assume the post until a meeting is held or until other arrangements are made

The Chairman shall be elected for a term of two years and is limited to two consecutive terms in office. This rule may be waived by a unanimous vote of the Commit Other offices or sub-committees may be created for various purposes at the discretion of the Chairman. These offices may be either elected or appointed.



Regular meetings shall be held at both yearly National Meets. Other meetings are at the discretion of the Chairman and may consist of either a telephone conference call or in person meetings.



The Committee is responsible for maintaining and updating the Judging Guidelines for the “Touring Class Judging”.

The Committee is responsible for providing the Chief Judge for the  “Touring Class” at the MARC National Meet held each summer.

The Committee is responsible for assisting many sponsors of a local MARC  Meet to have “Touring Class Judging” if they so desire.

The Committee is responsible for the promotion of the “Touring Class” competition The Committee shall assume such other responsibilities as designated by the President of the Model “A” Restorers Club.


Revised, March 30, 2014