Program Guidelines


The purpose of the MARC Mileage Program is to offer national recognition for all miles driven in a Model A Ford.  There is no intent to supersede or cancel any Regional or local driving programs now in existence; rather, the program seeks to further them by offering a mileage-based recognition for all registered MARC vehicles.


All Model A’s owned by MARC members and registered in the MARC Mileage Program, and which meet the following standards, are eligible.

  1.  Of original manufacture from 1927 through 1931.
  2. Titled or registered as a Model A in accordance with respective state requirements.
  3. Authentic in overall appearance, with a minimum of the following basic features:

                              (a)  Original Ford four-cylinder engine produced from 1927 through 1934.

                              (b)  Body style for year of manufacture.


  1. All ground mileage is credited, except for non-emergency tow.
  2. All credited mileage is cumulative from year to year and to each higher award level.
  3. Mileage to be credited must be attested.
  4. No mileage is credited for any period of time that the owner is not a member of the Model A Restorers Club.
  5. Mileage does not have to be updated every year to maintain eligibility.
  6. Mileage is accumulated through the reporting of the odometer reading as of December 31 of each year.
  7.  The MARC Mileage Program Chairman is the final authority on mileage credit and awards.


  1. Award recognition begins at 2,000 miles; the second award level is 5,000 miles; and subsequent levels are at each 5,000 miles thereafter.
  2. A round blue plaque is awarded with the first mileage level, and a replacement mileage tab is awarded thereafter.      


  1. A fee of $1.00 is required at time of vehicle registration.
  2. MARC shall maintain the original registration form as a permanent record for each vehicle registered in the program.
  3. A vehicle transferred to a new MARC member who re-registers the car may, if the new owner wishes, maintain its mileage award level and continue eligibility for further awards in accordance with the rules.



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Questions concerning the MARC Mileage Program may be directed to the Chairman:

Betty Fisher
Chairman, MARC Mileage Program
7049 Ridge Road
Hanover, MD  21076-1426
Phone:  443-889-1018
Email:  [email protected]