Hubley Derby Guidelines

Under Construction 1/21/2019

NOTE: The following is intended for guidance only, they are not official rules from MARC.

The following guidelines have been compiled from various MARC events. They are presented here to give participants and Race Committee personnel some guidelines for their event. The Meet Race Committee may revise these guidelines as necessary for their specific meet. Some Meet Race Committees may send out the their specific meet rules and registration forms to participants in advance of the meet, this is not a requirement.

The Classes:

  • Age – up to 9 years
  • Age – 10 to 13 years
  • Age – 14 to 17 years
  • Age – 18 and older

The Track:

  • The track will be 40 feet long and 2-4 lanes wide with a soft bumper pad at the end of the track.
  • The starting gate may be manually or automatically operated.
  • Timing will be as determined by the Race Committee.

The Cars:

  • The cars will be assembled from metal Model A Ford kits, in 1/20th-inch scale and manufactured by Hubley, Gabriel, or Scale Models.
  • The cars may be one of seven Model “A” body styles: Fordor Sedan, Coupe, Roadster, Victoria, Phaeton, Pickup, and Station Wagon.
  • These cars must use the stock kit chassis including the original tires, wheels and axle screws. No modifications allowed.
  • Steering wheels may be secured or loose as the competitor chooses.
  • The weight of each car will not exceed 1 pound, 5 ounces (Station Wagons, wt. 21 ounces). A small leeway (about 1 ounce) will be allowed due to variation of scales.
  • All weights added to the car shall be tightly secured.
  • Dry lubricants will be allowed. Oil or wet lubricants are prohibited.

The Race:

  • Early check-in may be possible for participants to test run their cars individually. No competition will be allowed at that time. Please check with Meet Personnel on the day of the event.
  • After the cars are checked in. All handling and racing of the cars will be by race officials. Competitors may be called to the track for recognition during the time their car is being raced.
  • Cars from each class will race against each other in random order to determine the Derby champion. (Second and Third place will be used in the event of a disqualification)
  • The winners of each class will race each other in the final event to determine the Derby Champion.

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The Awards:

  • Each racer will receive a Certificate of Participation.
  • Each Class winner will receive a trophy.
  • The Derby Champion will receive a trophy.

NOTE: The following Welcome Letter is intended for guidance only, it is not official from MARC. The Meet Race Committee may revise this Letter as necessary for their specific meet.


We are glad you registered to compete in the Hubley Derby. The race will be held after the Welcome Reception on Tuesday, _________, at 9:00 pm, in the ______________________ .

Please check in with the Meet Personnel before noon on Tuesday. Participants may be allowed to test-run their cars individually on Tuesday afternoon. No competition will be allowed during the test-runs.

The following are some helpful suggestions for the entries:

  • Be sure the inside surface of the brake hub is smooth so it will run freely against the brake drums.
  • Sand the outside of the brake drums smooth to remove any casting seams which will allow the wheels to run more freely.
  • Apply dry lubricant, such as graphite, to the axle so the wheels spin freely.
  • Tires have a tendency to fall off the rims on the later models. Try to remedy this problem, before the meet.
  • Assemble the front end with the screws connecting the tie rods facing out. This will make it easy to adjust and lock the front wheels, if you choose to do so.

There will be awards for winners of each age classification. There will also be a Best Overall trophy awarded to the winner of a runoff of the top winners from each class.

Depending upon the number of entries, the Hubley Race Committee has the right to combine classes or change the age groupings to maximize the competition.

Good Luck. The awards will be presented immediately following the race.