The International Model A Ford Victoria Association, known as the Victoria Association, is a body style Chapter of the Model A Ford Club of America and a Region of the Model A Restorers Club. The Association was founded in 1986 at Frisco, Texas by Charlie Viosca.  Says Viosca, “Since the beginning of the Victoria Association, it has always been my desire to help as many Victoria owners as possible, no matter what the problem or question. That goal has been exceeded beyond my expectations.”

The purpose of the association is to aid the membership in the authentic restoration of the Model A Ford A-190 Victoria body style. To achieve this purpose the association publishes a periodic newsletter called “The Bustle” for the membership. The intent is to furnish accurate and complete information concerning the Model A Ford Victoria body style. Permission to reprint or quote from this publication is expressly given provided acknowledgment and credit is given to the author and to the publication.

To further aid the membership in their authentic restoration, we have initiated this web site. We also answer all questions presented to the technical director or other directors. From time to time, we also send out email information to the members with email addresses. To be a member of the Victoria Association, one need not own a Victoria. Because the Victoria is a Model A Ford, we do aid our members with Model A problems.

The Victoria Association is the originator and sponsor of the Model A Ford Youth Scholarship Fund, Inc. as well as the MAFCA Youth Restoration Award. Both were founded by Charlie Viosca. More information on the scholarship and restoration award can be found elsewhere on this website.

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