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Judging Standards Video

Video discussion of Judging Standard and Restoration Guidelines

This article includes a very informative video which explains the use of the MARC Restoration Guidelines and Judging Standards in conjunction with the Touring Class Judging Standards to improve the quality of your Model A.

Updated Technically Speaking Index (Includes Vol 13)

The Technically Speaking Index has been updated to include Volumes 1 through 13

The index was Written and Compiled by Joe Browning

Technically Speaking Index Volumes 1-13 

Editors note: MARC would like to thank Joe for his work in compiling this index. We hope that by using the index you will gain more benefit from the Technically Speaking series. Additionally, Joe has updated the index to be more comprehensive and include Volume 13.

It is expected that there will be several more volumes included in this series.

Technical Index For –

The Restorer
The Model A News
Model A Times
Skinned Knuckles

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Courtesy of Tom Sieffert


Technically Speaking Volume 14 is available


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Technically Speaking Volume 14 is now available. Volume 14 includes the technical articles from the Model “A” News for the years 2015 through 2017.

There are now fourteen volumes of Technically Speaking available, with plans for several more in the series at a rate of one every three years.

Beginning in 1965, restorers began sharing their knowledge in articles regarding restoration, mechanical tips, research on original parts, and Model A history. Since many of those old issues were printed in limited quantity, they have become increasingly in demand by collectors and restorers. MARC decided to make these technical articles available again in a combined and primarily chronological format. Each volume of Technically Speaking contains approximately 120 pages and covers about a three-year span. The Technically Speaking articles are for the most part in chronological order as they appeared in the Model “A” News within the specific volume. These publications are a must for any Model A enthusiast.

All volumes of Technically Speaking are available in our store. Click here to go to the store.



 Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards Index

97.gifThe Judging Standards Committee recently completed an updated index to the Model A Restoration Guidelines & Judging Standards which include the changes for Revision 3.

Click here to view this index.



2020 MARC Membership Roster

The 2020 MARC Membership Rosters are now available from the MARC office.  The 2020 MARC Membership Roster is similar in size and format to previous Rosters and includes members phone numbers where submitted.  If you have a serious breakdown while driving to or from various meets or touring the countryside the Roster may just be the most valuable tool available, it will give you peace of mind knowing that help is just a phone call away.

The 2020 MARC Membership Roster is available from the MARC office for $12 plus shipping.

You may call the MARC office directly at 734-427-9050 or order on line at the MARC Store.  Order yours today while the supply lasts.



Technically Speaking – Volumes 1-14

All volumes of Technically Speaking are available in our store.

The Technically Speaking articles are previous Model “A” News technical, historical, repair/restoration articles starting in 1965. The articles are generally in chronological order and are packed with very interesting and valuable information. Each volume of Technically Speaking will contain approximately 120 pages and cover about a three-year span.






General Technical Manuals

Volumes of our tech manuals are available in our store. Click here to go to the store




Touring Class Judging Standards

Outlines requirements and procedures for MARC Touring Class Judging.

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