1931 Model A Coupe

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2000 miles on engine over hauled with insert bearings and high compression head. FX Ignition distributor with centrifugal advance. Mitchell Syncro transmission. LeBaron Bonney Interior with Rumble seat. Directional signals. Nu-rex Alternator, Hydraulic brakes with cling’s master Cylinder. Fiberglass fenders and running boards, powder coated wheels, Seat belts, all new glass, Centari acrylic enamel paint finish.


Terry, PH: (314) 968-0395, St. Louis, MO.



1931 Deluxe Model A Coupe

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Reduced from $30,000 to $25,000. Beautifully restored! Blue/Black body newly repainted. 12 volt system, new horn. Engine restored by Antique Engine Rebuilders (Skokie, IL) Transmission and Steering rebuilt by the Forty Horse Farm, Hydraulic brakes, rumble seat, new trunk on rear. All new interior.


Dale Pate, PH: (847) 915-9241, Elgin, IL.



Model A Tools Seven pieces

Ford Script spark plug wrench, ford script pliers, Ford script monkey wrench, Ford script small open end wrench. Ford script larger open end wrench, tire tool, grease gun. All for –

$75 plus shipping.

Mike PH: (812) 709-2045, IN.



Model A and T Wrenches

Around 32 pieces of Model A and T wrenches, grease gun. Ford Script monkey wrench added in, complete lot.

$100 plus shipping

Mike PH: (812) 709-2045, IN.



1930 Deluxe Two Window Fordor Model 170B

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Ground up restoration. Maroon exterior Bedford Cloth interior. Alternator, Brumfield Head touring cam in rebuilt engine. Mitchell overdrive with 1939 Transmission. New tires, shocks, battery, Brassworks radiator.


Joe Lamb, PH: (515) 289-4437 Email: lambmjt@gmail.com, Ankeny, IA



Joe Fox – Holland, Ohio


Joe has been a member of MARC, including the Western Lake Erie Region, since 1976. He is very active in the local region, serving several terms in various board positions, event and swap meet planning, seminars and youth activities with local high schools. He is also editor of their award winning regional newsletter.

Joe was organizer/chairman of the 1986 Membership and 1989 National Meets, and co-chair of 2016 National Meet. He has written several articles published in the Model ‘A’ News and is a Senior Judge (fine point) since 1985, having served as Team Captain.

Beginning in 1997 Joe served 4 years on the MARC Board of Directors, holding the positions of Secretary, Director of Publications and Library, and Vice President. During this time, he revived the MARC Youth Program by appointing and working with a Youth Coordinator.

Joe believes that all aspects of the Model A hobby are equally important, whether restoring for Fine Point or Touring Class judging, maintaining a dependable driver, enjoying Era Fashions, accessories or historical awareness.

He performed a complete restoration of his 1930 Tudor for which he received a MARC ‘fine point’ trophy. It is now a regular driver. His current projects include a ’28 Roadster and ’31 Sport Coupe being restored to fine point standards, a ’72 Chevy P/U, and a visible gasoline pump.

Joe is a retired Mechanical/Manufacturing Engineer, holds BME and MBA degrees, and is a certified Ergonomist. He previously held leadership positions with Cub and Boy Scouts.


Term: 2018-2020

Christine Rozny – Park Ridge, Illinois

Vice President

I joined the Illinois Region in 1985 on the day I married my husband, John Rozny. We left the church that October afternoon with five Model A’s transporting our wedding party to the reception. John was very involved in the hobby and when I saw how warm and welcoming the club was, I wanted to be a part of it. John had restored a ’30 Coupe and a ’29 Huckster wagon before he was fifteen years old.

John was guided by men with incredible talent who wanted to see the hobby passed to the next generation. When the babies arrived, I was driven to and returned home with five healthy happy babies, in that same 1931 Slant Window Standard Fordor that we were married in. Our vacations were centered around the MARC National Meets.

I have run events for our club including, pumpkin rally, fall overnighter, banquets, safety inspections, scholarship fundraising dinners and this past year I ran the raffle for the Shipshewana membership meet. In the Illinois Region I was refreshments, Asst. Director and for the past two years was Director. My fourth daughter Amy has been the National Youth advisor for the last two years. Amy and my son John have done refreshment for two years. I am proud to say that my oldest daughter Katie and Amy have both been scholarship recipients.

My husband taught all the kids to drive an A first. Katie & Kelly drove from Chicago to the Texas meet. A few years later Kelly and Amy took their own A to Niagara Falls. My third daughter Mary entered the fashion show at Texas. I have been blessed again this year with a new Grandson. His name is Lincoln.

I work full time with my husband at our independent auto repair shop that his father started in 1945. We maintain and repair modern and classic cars. I do bookkeeping, payroll and rent U-Haul trucks and trailers.

My past leadership roles have included Girl Scout leader for a special needs troop, Girl Scout leader for each of my four daughters and fundraising for my sons Boy Scout troop. I have also been involved in fundraising for the 20th Century Juniors Club. My hobbies include gardening, my dog and I find working with metal fascinating. Mostly, I love to do anything with my family.

I know the dedication and the rewards with this hobby. I know the memories my children have they will be able to pass to their children, just as it was passed down to my family.


Term: 2018-2020

Stuart L. Krueger – Warren, Michigan

Stuart grew up with MARC and has been affiliated with the club and Model A’s for over 35 years.

As a child he spent much of his time in the garage learning the history of the Model A, how they work, and meeting other members at a variety MARC events with his family. Stuart became a member of MARC, as well as the local Motor Cities Region, MI club in 2014.

Stuart most recently served as a judge for Fine Point Judging and was a participant in the Tour Class Judging at this year’s Sweet 16 National Meet in Toledo, OH. He has a 1929 Roadster of his own and was instrumental in the restoration of a Henry Award winning car and in the preparation and entry of an unrestored 1929 Coupe that was awarded a MARC of Originality Award of Excellence. In 2016 Stuart entered his grandfather’s 1928 Tudor in the Touring Class, which received a Tour Class Award of Excellence and the new 500 point Award Badge.

Professionally, Stuart graduated from Madonna University and holds a Bachelors in Criminal Justice. He has served as a Police Officer for the last 16 years. Stuart is also a part-time instructor at Glen Oaks Community College.

Stuart has attended multiple MARC Membership Meets and National Meets. He has built a reputation for being a firm believer that “Model A’s were built to be driven and seen”. He has driven his 1929 Roadster on multi-state trips, including a week long 2,000 mile trek through the backroads of the Tennessee Smokey Mountains.

Stuart’s goal is to help introduce the Ford Model A to future generations, spark the interest to acquire, preserve, and show these cars and bring new members into the fellowship of the MARC family.

Term: 2017-2019

Lee Watson – Sterling Heights, Michigan


My interest in Model A’s began as a young boy in Detroit Michigan hearing the Model “A” ice cream truck’s jingling bells coming down the street. The truck was old even then but was well kept and I was hooked on that radiator & those fenders. As the years went by my interest in old cars grew and then two wonderful things happened. In 1963 I married the girl I had dated through my high school years and about six months later Judi and I found a 1931 Ford S/W Town Sedan for sale in the local paper for $200. After getting it home, I realized that I didn’t know anything about Model A’s and sought out car guys old enough to teach me about them. Someone along the way told me about The Model “A” Restorers Club and I joined in 1966.

Since my retirement in 2003 my wife and I have attended all the Model “A” National Conventions, and it was at one of these where we had the pleasure of meeting Howard Minners at the M.A.F.F.I display table. They were looking for people who would help M.A.F.F.I. input a computer register of Model “A” Ford drawing information at The Henry Ford Museum’s Benson Ford Research Center. The list is also on the M.A.F.F.I. website.

When the project was completed, I continued to volunteer at Benson Ford Research Center one day a week for the last 13 years answering inquiries related to Model A’s and other antique cars. Many Model “A” people don’t realize that almost all of Ford’s engineering drawings from 1903 to 1958 and related manufacturing release notices & engineering change notices are on microfilm at the library of The Benson Ford Research Center in Dearborn Michigan.

Because of my 40-year career in engineering production machinery for domestic automotive manufacturers, I am able to interpret Ford drawings and understand why the Model “A” parts were designed & manufactured in the manner they were.

I am a long-time member and past president of the East Side A’s region of MARC, a member of the Model “A” Owners of Canada Inc., life time member of M.A.F.F.I., and currently a member of the M.A.R.C. Touring Class Committee.

I believe that one of the things that makes M.A.R.C. so great is that it is very family oriented and has activities for everyone, young and old. Those positive experiences will transfer into our club being healthy for many future generations. If elected, I plan to encourage that focus and find fresh ideas to keep Model “A” activities fun for each member of our families.

Also, on a more personal note, in 2003, our Model A got the professional restoration it deserved after waiting so long and made the cover of the Nov/Dec 2016 Model “A’ News where her story was told to the Model “A” world.

Term: 2018-2020