Rita Gould Davison, MI


My name is Rita Gould, and I am seeking a position on the MARC Board of Directors. I have 3 children and 8 grandchildren. I have been involved with Model A’s most of my life.

My husband Rusty and I currently own 3 model A’s, a 1930 Rumble Seat Coupe – Rusty’s, a 1929 Tudor – Mine, and a 1929 Woody Wagon – ours. I enjoy driving my Model A, and most of all, I enjoy the many friends I have made in the Model A hobby.

I have been president of our local region Script A Region for 7 years and have planned and hosted many events and tours during that time. I am currently a member of the Script A Region, Heart of Florida Region and the Lady A’s.Along with being a member of, MAFFI, and the Henry Ford Heritage Association. I am also a past member of: Grandville A’s, Shipshewana A’s, and Dearborn A’s, (regions that were formed for the soul purpose of hosting meets).

I have attended all the MARC Membership and National meets for the past 12 years. I have helped in many areas during these meets. I was a committee member for the 2016 Membership Meet in Grand Blanc, Michigan hosted by Script A; hospitality room hostess for the 2018 Grandville Membership Meet; co-chair

for the 2017 Michigan Model A Roundup; co-chair and hospitality room hostess for the 2019 Dearborn National Meet and currently a committee member for the 2023 Script A Membership Meet in Bay City, Michigan. I have also worked the MARC merchandise booth in Charlotte North Carolina Membership Meet, Savanah Georgia Membership Meet, and Oshkosh Wisconsin National Meet, when the office girls were unable to attend. Working in these areas, I have talked with many members, and I know many of your concerns and would welcome the chance to share them in a board meeting.

I feel that past MARC Boards have done a great job to make MARC an outstanding organization, and I want to help keep it on that path, to grow and prosper. As a MARC Board member, I will do my best to represent all members of MARC and I will always be open to your questions and concerns.


Paul Ganninger Kirkwood, MO

Vice President

As a member of MARC’s Missouri Valley region I have served as President as well as holding various other offices. Married to my wife Pam for 33 years, we have two children, twins Katie and Alex.

I have been active in the Model A hobby most of my life and would like to share my love A’s with others. My focus will be on the recruitment of young members to our hobby so that we can survive and thrive.

Some activities that I have done.

2005 National Membership Meet m St. Louis, Missouri – Co Chairman

2018 National Meet in Branson, Missouri – Co-Chairman

2019     National      Meet       m     Dearborn, Michigan – Co-Chairman

2017, 18,19, and 2021 Undercarriage Judge in Fine Point.

I believe Board members of MARC should be an advocate of all aspects of the Model A hobby and be supportive of activities that attract NEW young members and retain existing ones. Focusing on Younger members will ensure that our hobby will survive and thrive.

Retired from a career in management and finance. I presently own a Closed Cab Pickup, as well as a 160-A that I am restoring for Fine Point as well as a 60-C and 160-B for future projects.


Curt Hillman Standish, Michigan


I was born and raised in rural Michigan. My wife Wendy and I were childhood sweethearts and married while in college. After college, graduating with a Certificate in Mortuary Science, we moved to Standish, MI, also small-town America. We raised a daughter and son, who are grown, and have a rambunctious 4 year old grandson. I have been a licensed funeral director for 45 years and owned Arenac Abstract and Title Company for 33 years . I served as Councilman, Mayor, and City Manager for the City of Standish. Additionally I have been a member of Kiwanis International for 33 years and have been active in improving our community by serving on several boards including the Economic and Industrial Development boards, our local hospital, and Arenac Opportunities (an organization whose purpose is to promote the general welfare of the mentally handicapped citizens in our county). In all of these capacities I have been responsible for budgets upward of $2,000,000.

I was active in Boy Scouts as a Youth and as an adult, for 14 years, serving as a Den Leader and Assistant Scoutmaster. My wife and I started a coed Venture Crew – BSA where we served as Leader (assistant leader) for several years. Scouting has allowed me to establish excellent rapport with the youth, something I would continue to work on if I have the honor of serving on the MARC Board of Directors.

In 1976 I met a retired oil field worker and his wife. We established a long friendship of 16 years. It was through him that I acquired my 1929 Model A Fordor. Our friendship led him to ask if I would serve as executor of his estate when it was needed. Of course I agreed, but stated that I would not accept payment for the service. A few months later the gentleman took me to the Secretary of State’s Office and added my name to the title of his beloved Fordor because he knew I would provide loving care and not turn the Model A into a hotrod. It was his way of paying me for my services. After the gentleman passed, the car became mine. A few years later, the Fordor became severely damaged in a hail storm. I totally dismantled the car, scrupulously labeling all parts down to the nuts and bolts. Then, unfortunately “life” set in and the Fordor sat idle for 17 years until I was able to do a total driver frame-off restoration over a two year time period. I managed to restore it just in time for its first outing to be driving my office secretary and her new husband to their wedding reception .

I have been a MARC member since 1992, first as a member of the AuSable A’s in Northern Michigan, and currently with the Script A’s in the Greater Flint area since 20 I 5. I am also a Life Member of MAFFI. We really enjoy the wide variety of activities of our club and have met many wonderful people who are so willing to share experiences and knowledge of the “A.” We love mingling with people from the across the nation who have the same passion for keeping cars original. Recently we became friends with a lovely couple from Australia, who attended the most recent National convention. My wife and I attended the Ground Breaking and Grand Opening of the Model A Museum in Gilmore plus three additional Model A Days. Over the years I have attended nine Michigan Model A Roundup’s and seven Membership Meets. In 2016 , our Script A’s hosted the membership meet and my wife and I are involved in many activities. We attended the 2018 National Meet in Branson where T had the privilege of serving as a Touring Class Judge, giving me the inspiration to tune up my restoration. I entered my 29 Fordor for judging in the Touring Class at the 2019 National Meet in Dearborn. I received the Award of Excellence, 500 points.

My love for cars and restoration led me to sponsor a Car and Bike Show in Standish in 1986, hosting 150+ vehicles on show day. After 25 years of running that car show, my wife and I decided we wanted to focus on the older cars that were kept as original as possible. We started one of the first shows in Michigan that focuses solely on Model A and T’s and other historic cars 1931 and older. We have held eight annual shows which are held at the Standish Historical Depot and Welcome Center, working with Hagerty Insurance Agency, establishing a Youth Judging program for our show.

I have been Chairman of the Arenac Heritage Route Authority, the organization that owns the Standish Historical Depot, a 50 I (c)(3) since 2002. The inter-local governmental authority focuses on the restoration and preservation of the Depot which was built by local farmers and merchants in 1889. During each of the last 8 years , we have kept the history alive by attracting people from all over the state to see these vintage cars at a perfect setting like the Standish Historical Depot and Welcome Center.

I look forward to serving the MARC Board and its membership. The success of all organizations comes from the grassroots level, the Reg ions. Without the work of all the Regions , MARC would not be where it is today. Since we are all getting a bit older, I will strive to pique the interest of the youth in belonging to this wonderful hobby, keeping the ” A” alive for generations to come. This can be done through various programs and events, including the Youth Judging Program sponsored by Hagerty Insurance. It may also be possible for the Regions to work with their local Intermediate School Districts (ISDs) to adopt Vintage Car Restoration as part of their automotive curricula.

James Zimmer

Director of Regions

My fascination with Model A Fords began at an early age when I noticed a derelict 1930 model A four door sitting in a field in 1961. At $75 it was too much to contemplate.
In 1972 I bought my first one, a non running 1929 Tudor for $500. I was thrilled when I sold it for a $25 profit a few weeks later!
Since that time, Model A’s have more or less followed me home, probably owning more than 20 Model A’s at one time or another.
I have restored two A’s, a 29 roadster pick up, a 31 wide bed pick up, a 1926 Model T coupe and am currently in the process of restoring a 30 standard coupe. I also have several other A drivers and projects awaiting restoration.
My wife Becky and I joined MARC in 1987 and have attended many National meets and co-chaired the 2018 membership meeting in Granville Ohio. I have also had a number of articles printed in the Model A News over the years.
I have been fortunate to have held director positions in 3 regional clubs, the Scioto Region in Columbus, Ohio, the Niagara Frontier Region in Buffalo, NY (also a member) and currently holding that position in the Model A Drivers of East Central Ohio region since 2018.
Our regions motto is “Just Drive Them” and that is what we do!

Tom Hovetter

Director of Membership and Public Relations

My name is Tom Hovetter and I have been asked to submit my name as a candidate for the MARC Board of Directors. Although, I am currently not a member of a local club, I remain active in the Model A hobby. I was previously a member of Hub City Model A Ford Club in Boonsboro, MD, serving as vice-president for two years and then becoming president, serving in that position for ten years. In 2017, I had the honor of chairing the National Meet in Gettysburg, PA. I have been a fine point judge at the 2018 and 2022 National meets. I have attended 7 National meets beginning with the 2007 National Meet in Williamsburg, VA.

I have always loved antique cars, hoping at an early age to some day own my own antique car. In 1984, that dream became reality. I purchased a 1930 2 door sedan in need of love and restoration. As many of you know, restoring a car is a labor of love and dedication. Finally, after 9 years, the 2 door was finished. I, now, also own a 1916 Model “T” Runabout, a 1930 Deluxe Roadster, and a 1928 Sport Coupe, which is finally being restored after sitting in pieces for fifteen years. In addition, I own a reproduction 1936-37 Mullins Trailer. Purchasing an original Mullins is on my list. One special hobby of mine is collecting authentic, period correct vehicle awnings.

I have had the honor for the last 23 years to own Fehl Awning Co., Inc. in Walnut Bottom, PA, a business with a proud tradition of manufacturing custom awnings and canopies since 1890. Yes, that’s correct, 1890.

I believe that the success of MARC begins with the local clubs and that the duty of the MARC board is to empower the local clubs to help with that success. It would be my honor to be able to serve you and the local clubs.

Chris DuVall

I fell in love with the Model “A” Ford 13 years ago when my dad purchased a 1930 Cabriolet when I was a junior in undergraduate school. While I was in graduate school, my dad and I worked together to restore an early 1930 Tudor. Most people today would probably purchase a practical car after graduating. Not me, I purchased a 1931 DeLuxe Roadster on which I have put many thousands of miles. In 2016, my dad purchased his 1929 Roadster which we restored together and won the Henry Award in 2021 in Oshkosh. While we were restoring this car, we found the Model “A” Restorer’s Club via the Fine Point facebook page. Through the page, we met Mark Maron and Ron Ehrenhofer, both of whom were incredibly gracious and helpful to us during our restoration. We joined MARC so we could come to the Gettysburg national meet, and we were hooked. I am proof that we can expand our membership through tools like Facebook.

Since Gettysburg, I have purchased several more cars, and attended every national meet. As a result, I have made some great friends along the way. I began judging Area 7 for Fine Point in 2019 at Dearborn. I believe there is something for everyone in the hobby from collecting parts and advertisements to taking multi-day tours. What I like most about MARC is the commitment to originality that seems to be an integral part of the organization. I believe we can encourage membership growth by selling the authentic Model “A” experience. Everywhere I go, it’s easy to tell that people love the Model “A” Ford.