Youth and Scholarship

January 25, 2020
Subject:  Model A Youth Restoration Award

The Model A Ford Restoration Award (MAYRA) asks for your help in keeping the program alive and well for youth who are restoring a Model A.  We would like you to plan a club activity where youth in your community can get to know and appreciate Model A Fords. And if you haven’t tried to encourage your children and grandchildren in the hobby, now is a good time.  Second, we would like you and your club’s support for our program that provides financial support to youth who are restoring a Model A. In 2020, 12 youth restorers each received $2500 in gift certificates from Model A parts and services vendors. To help youth at this level, we rely on financial support.  We believe that the most meaningful way to affect the future of the Model A hobby positively is to attract and retain youth.  The recipients of our awards have demonstrated a genuine interest in the Model A hobby.  We believe that many will go on to be the hobby’s future leaders and ambassadors.  Please visit our website for information on the program.


MAYRA is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that relies primarily on the contributions of MARC Regions and MAFCA Chapters.


Bob Moore – President of MAYRA

Donations to our treasurer, Jim Lank, 13478 Egbert Street, Sylmar, CA 91342