Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups are Regions of the Model A Restorers Club. They are groups (Regions) that have formed up with an interest in a specific area of our great hobby. This might be a body style, a specific truck type or even a special group such as the Lady A’s who are women in our club who want to drive and enjoy a Model A and want to help other ladies to learn to drive a Model A Ford.

These groups (Regions) closely study the variations and little nuances of their own specific body style and publish a news letter about their body type. These Regions are dedicated to each of their own body type such as the Station Wagon, Mail Trucks, Town sedans, Double AA Trucks and the list goes on. The work performed by all of these Regions is strictly volunteer and the information freely shared with fellow members is invaluable to our members who are trying to restore our beloved Model A Fords. We want to thank all of these dedicated people for all the help they have given members of our Model A Restorers Club. This also refers to the Ladies of the Lady A’s who have given many dedicated hours to training and teaching the ladies of our club to drive and enjoy a Model A Ford.
Please contact these groups and join up and see how they can help you or maybe join up and see if you can volunteer to help each of these wonderful groups.