At the age of 85 I have decided to sell my Model “A” parts and tools inventory. Most of these are original and in good to excellent condition. They were acquired from Rex Reheis when we were writing our book on “Restoring the Model “A and “B” Carburetors – the “Rex” Reheis Way.” The inventory should be of particular interest to swap meet vendors who are looking to acquire original merchandise at a discounted price for resale. The parts inventory has a current market value of $18,000, which is split between original parts ($14,000) and reproduction ($4,000). The listings, all cataloged in an Excel spreadsheet (about 18 pages!) show a part description, date of use, original or reproduction status, a market retail value (based on large vendor prices), a market value assessment (especially if an original part), and any pertinent comments particular to the part. The inventory is located in Madison, NJ.

The parts are housed in clear, plastic tubs, all of which are labeled. There are approximately 104 such tubs. They include restored “A” and “B” carburetors, rebuilt Sparton horns, restored generators, and brake parts (with part numbers inscribed). Larger items, like steering columns, transmission and banjo housings, are on a standalone basis. There is also a tools inventory, which includes KR Wilson tools for the brakes and axle shafts, A,C &R tools, and special tools constructed by Bob Rentz. This has a present market value of nearly $7,000. There is also an Excel spreadsheet, similar in format to the parts spreadsheet, describing these tools.

Parts and tools will not be parceled out for sale on an individual basis. The spreadsheet highlights certain individual parts of interest to provide easier reading. I can email a copy to anyone who might be interested in buying the collection.

Gordon Biggar, [email protected], Madison, NJ 07940